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    Would be great to see if you could add a header and footer builder that is similar to what the Astra theme has with Astra Pro.

    It enables the ability to structure and customise how the header and footer can look with columns and rows.


    Customer Support

    Not sure that is what I am requesting, I will have to check that out and get back to you.

    This is what I am meaning where you can add and remove elements into the header and footer using the columns provided. e.g. photos in Customiser

    Customiser left panel

    When selecting header builder

    The header builder editor on the right content pane

    The widget/block selector to go into the selection area in the header builder content columns

    I hope that helps understand what I mean.


    Customer Support

    I actually believe that our block element method is better as it allows you to use the block editor instead of the customizer.


    I tried this block and I don’t see the possibility to use a sticky navigation with it.

    Am I doing anything wrong?

    I’d really like to have 100% control of the header across a site with this feature.

    Customer Support

    Hi Michel,

    Unfortunately that’s not possible at the moment.

    The header element really needs a navigation block to be completed.

    We’ve considered adding one ourselves but believe something like that should be added by WordPress.


    I hope you consider adding a header and footer builder like the one I have suggested. I don’t think it is a WordPress thing, it is a theme thing.

    As per Michel “I’d really like to have 100% control of the header across a site with this feature”

    The header builder would be much more intuitive (and far easier) than the elements blocks you currently have available. Elements are great for specific needs, but not for site elements like the footer and header (front end view) in my opinion. Of course, you could still use elements to add hooks etc to the header/footer as needed

    I have also tried the block editor and again feel it clunky for things like the header, plus I don’t have anywhere near the flexibility that the header builder provides. This is why the other theme developer went this way as it is far better to do this with the customiser (if you want to). Also, note that other theme also has an elements function like yours, but they still use a header/footer builder as it is more user-friendly.


    The example Sneaky gave above would be very demanding but I agree with the spirit of the message. Having a block-based header that fully replicates the options available from the Customizer would vastly improve the handling of site headers.

    Let’s see an example. A friend runs a site on my server with GP and GB and I help with the most advanced admin bits.

    What’s the site header like?

      Navigation as header across the board, full-sized on desktop and tablet.

      Hamburger menu to handle nav on mobile.

      Sticky navigation kicking in when you scroll down.

      On posts, the post title is hooked in the sticky nav on desktop and tablet.

    How do you achieve that? Through a combination of Customizer, an Element for the hooked post title and CSS for further controls. Not user-friendly.

    Also, I struggled to make sure that everything is well ordered and positioned on all devices. Controlling site header width is harder than the Content Template for posts and pages – done through CSS for now because changing the site’s default container brings other challenges.

    Having a fully functional block element to take control of all of this would be very beneficial, and I’m sure it would achieve a better result.

    Customer Support

    Hi Sneaky and Michel,

    thank you for taking the time to leave feedback and make suggestions.
    And we agree, there are ( a lot of ) improvements to be made.

    We could simply do as others have done and copy everyone else’s customizer system.
    But we see many issues with that method:

    1. It adds a lot of code to the theme.
    2. The customizer may well be made obsolete in the future. Its already absent in block based themes.
    Which results in a lot of obsolete code that requires maintaining.
    3. The builder method, albeit super convenient, generates a LOT of front end HTML. Some of which has caused other users some issues enough to make them move Theme.

    The block editor method will no doubt be the method we choose.
    We do recognise it can be a little fiddly / clunky to work with. But it improves with every iteration.
    Its also missing the Nav Block we were hoping for, and thats something we need to address.

    So, at this time we don’t have a solution. But we are looking into and it is a high priority.

    Thanks again

    Michel, if theres something you need us to look at with a current site – then please raise another topic and we can take a look.


    Thanks David, I understand your commitment to maintaining lower code requirements.

    Agree about the block themes, they are over-coded to achieve what people try and do with a block-based theme.

    I will certainly be interested to see where you go with more options to style and manage headers and footers.

    Customer Support

    Its definitely a fun challenge!
    thanks again for taking the time to share the ideas!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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