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    (I use Artisan-Theme)

    If i use a standard-gallery, the lightbox is missing the opportunity to scroll through ALL images (image 1 of x). Here just the clicked image is shown. Also, all additional functions like share, zoom, are missing.

    If i install the Photoswipe-plugin over your lightbox, its doubled!!!!!!! On smartphones the doubled lightbox still shown after clicking X. On desktop you can see a doubled fade-in / fadeout.

    I think you are also using Photoswipe-Plugin but without the main functionality!

    1) How iam able to install my lightbox-plugin over yours (not doubled)?
    2) is it possible to implement the functions (share, zoom, …) AND the gallery-view (for example: image 1 of 10) in your lightbox?
    3) At least the gallery-view?



    Ok, I could solve MY issue.
    The doubled lightbox is from elementor.
    If i deactivate the Lightbox in Elementor/global Settings/Lightbox than i can use a third-party-plugin ALONE without doubling.

    BUT its interesting, that the elementor-lightbox in the ARTISAN-DEMO-IMPORT is not showing the buttons for zoom, fullscreen, share and counter WHILE its all activated (by default) in the elementor-lightbox-settings.
    With a free generatepress-install i never had this issue!


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    glad to hear you found the issue.
    Not sure whats going on there with the Artisan site as it doesn’t import Elementor or change any of its settings. We’ll take a look ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi David,

    I ran in another issue.
    And now its weird.

    After import of Artisan the lightbox is:
    – without image-counter
    – the close-X is ok (position) and not animated in
    – the zoom, fullscreen and share buttons has weird positions and are animated in, its not fitting to the close-X-button
    – all in all its not the default elementor-photoswipe-look because images have corner-radius and the background has transparency

    (In Elementor all elements are activated!!!

    If i deactivate this elementor-lightbox and install the plugin, than i have a issue with 2 galeries at one page. if i click an image of the second gallery its always starting to show the gallery counting by image 1.

    In evry case there is a issue, but i would like to have the default state without additional plugin, but with image-counter and correct share-fullscreen-zoom-buttons without animation. just default!



    Hi David.

    Please forget all descriptions of me and close this issue.
    Because i found out its a mixture between plugin, elementor-settings and maybe another third-part-plugin.
    So i dont want to irritate you.

    But last question: Is there a way to have more than one elementor-galleries at one page and the image-counter is just counting for each gallery?
    In my case, its counting ALL images of ALL galleries. Not seperated!

    Thanx again!

    Customer Support

    No problems.
    That option would be related to the lighbox plugin being used.
    I had a quick search and found this topic for the Simple Lightbox plugin:


    But i am not sure how that would apply to Elementor content.


    Thanx David!

    And for someone who has also problems to separate galleries with Photoswipe in WP:
    There is a option in the plugin-settings of Photoswipe ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Customer Support

    Glad to be of help. And thanks for sharing the Photoswipe solution!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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