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    If you scroll down about half way, there’s a section called Notification Preview and below it there are 14 large buttons that trigger a popup image when clicked. Mine doesn’t have to look exactly the same but I would like to create this exact same thing.

    For the popup’s, I’m thinking it would be easiest to use images in the popups, although it doesn’t seem like the examples are images but also not actual functioning popups. For example, on the email collection popup, it’s not an image but you also cannot enter your email address.

    The clickable buttons don’t have to be the same but the action does need to be in the form of a popup, and it would be better if the popup notification happened in the lower lefthand corner of the screen instead of the top right like the example.

    Anyone know of a lightweight way to make something like this? Would this be some type of javascript that would need to be coded into the site? Or would these be some type of modal or whatever it’s called. Maybe a popup modal or something?


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    Hi there,

    A popup modal is probably your best bet.

    I took a look at the example code but looks like they did a custom coding solution instead of using a plugin.

    You will have to try a few plugins and see if any of them will suit your requirements.

    If you can find some other similar example, I can help determine if they are using any specific plugins 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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