[Resolved] Does a vanilla version without customizer exist or is it difficult to remove ?

Home Forums Support [Resolved] Does a vanilla version without customizer exist or is it difficult to remove ?

Home Forums Support Does a vanilla version without customizer exist or is it difficult to remove ?

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      I really love GP and getting premium was a no brainer as its best theme I come across in my live

    I can draft my theme in hours, however before going life I am also very passionate to sometimes code things vanilla with just one central CSS and JS file and without use of a customizer. Now I wonder if a draft version without customizer exists or if it would be very tough to remove ?

    Now I can work with PhP, CSS and some vanilla JS but never touched the customizer.

    GeneratePress 2.1.3
    GP Premium 1.6.2
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    Hey Daniel,

    This actually came up on Facebook the other day.

    I’d like to add a simple filter to remove the Customizer options/make GP completely barebones. I’m definitely looking into it πŸ™‚


    Has this been done yet? I just started using Generatepress. Even if I can’t get rid of everything in the customizer, I’d desperately like to get rid of the typography and color stuff. I’m so used to doing everything via CSS that this is causing a great deal of problems (having to use !important for one). I don’t need or want this type of help and would greatly appreciate not having to not fight with it or finding ways to work around it.

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    Hi Kary,

    Getting rid of the Customizer options wouldn’t get rid of the CSS the theme writes by default.

    I could give you code to do that, but it would likely be a lot of work writing your own CSS to replace it.

    There shouldn’t be any need to use !important in your code. You just need to match the selectors that GP use, and then have your CSS display below ours. For example, adding your CSS to a child theme or a plugin like Simple CSS will display your code lower than ours, so it will have priority.

    Let me know if you need more info πŸ™‚


    I mark this as resolved while I agree with Tom. I will do it like this.

    Step 1: Design theme with Premium models and site libary until I like it. Add some CSS and PHP if needed.

    Step 2: Probably build a child theme and merge all JS, php and only required CSS into one style.css and java script file, then dequeue original files or override.

    Step 3 or idea for Tom: Build the world best looking and fastest premium theme with one great look and no line of code not used. Call it the Onelook theme and add it to the site library (requires premium code) or one seperate premium module and make it look great like barebones marketeer but stay below 35 kb, under 10 http requests, get close to 100% on Pingdom, be faster than any other theme but still look better like marketeer without the plugins and pure vanilla and this is the art no unused line of code (php, CSS, javascript) which is not used and all CSS, js and PHP in one tiny sheet and of course just system stack. Customization like color and other tunning purely in CSS. Every theme out there was to be customizable so nobody built a good looking theme which has only one look (like marketeer) but no unused line of code. This theme would win every contest as perfect for bloggers and fast. Only difference should be via plugins or color css and logo but then have perfect layout and awesome speed…

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    Thanks for the feedback, Daniel! Will definitely look into this πŸ™‚


    The thing to think about is this. There is currently no good looking theme with minimalistic code. Generatepress comes closest to it but I argue this, the market for great looking theme with super light code is quiet big as most blogger may go for pure speed over lots of customization which GP also resolves great.The onelook theme could be like a magnet and example of unbeatable speed, featherlight code with msrketeer look as this should work for 66% of bloggers. The crazy thought is this 35 KB with such good code and look would outrank the web and go totally viral if combined with content and light images. Less can be more

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