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    Hi Guys,
    I have had my widgets disappear in my one site, but are still working in my other site. How do I fix this?
    I have both sites set up similar and the one worked fine,and displays banners in the bottom widget areas but the other does not. Both sites are using the same plugins.

    I would like to display some banners in the other site as well. How do I get this back? They were there, but disappeared.
    I opened up the customizer to check things out, and the bottom widgets were displayed for a moment, then vanished right before my eyes!
    Thank you,

    Customer Support

    Hi Carl,

    Are you referring to the footer widgets?

    What is the customizer setting?


    Hi Leo,
    Yes, footer widgets. After going to appearance>layout>widgets,I have my “missing” 5 widgets back inside the customizer box.
    My site- Get more hook – has a message: “Your theme has 2 other widget areas, but this particular page doesn’t display them.” And it is displaying 2 banners on the home page footer.

    My other site has 5 footer widgets showing in the customizer and has the message:”Your theme has 4 other widget areas, but this particular page doesn’t display them.” This is the site that won’t display the banners. So, this must be the reason why. I don’t understand why one site will display 3 footer widgets and one site will only display one? What needs fixed?

    The “Simple CSS” plugin sounds like a great idea if I need that! But, I hate losing the code on Theme updates, I would have to go to a “childs theme” if I need to do that.

    I did watch your video on adding elements, and I understand what they can do, and it sounds pretty awesome. But, I am lost on how to actually get it to work. Not sure I even need it?

    Do you just name the element for the page, in this case..Home Page blog footer rules? Then what? Is it stored like a template or a rule in code for the computer? What I am trying to say, Is the name of each element for “humans to understand” or the computer?

    Customer Support

    Sorry so is the original issue about the disappearing widgets resolved?

    Let me know 🙂


    Hi Leo,
    I am not sure what caused my disappearing widgets? following your documentation, I restored them, and they appear in my customizer again, but they “do not display” when I add content to the widgets. So, NO the problem is not solved.

    Question #1 – Why are they not displaying? I don’t really know what to do about it.

    Question #2 – Please understand I am not a programmer, so I don’t understand the “element creation” I am guessing that the “heading” is labeled “anything we want to call it?”

    I will try to create one and try to figure out what I need to do.

    Customer Support

    I’m still a bit confused about the issue.

    Can you send me the dashboard access with all plugins disabled except GP Premium?

    You can send the dashboard access using Account Issue here:

    Please include the following information:
    – The URL of this topic.
    – Login URL.
    – Username and password.


    Hi Leo,
    I got it sorted! Once I published the element, and saw it was just like publishing a post, it was much clearer as to how the “element” worked. I figured using the “element” might just be much easier than turning off plugins, and re-activating them one at a time. (which was my next step!)

    But,since I have the identical plugins in both sites, I kinda doubted that was the issue.

    Once I got the rules in place for 5 widgets, a white space appeared on the bottom of the page that looked like the space to display the banners. I knew then, the “element” likely fixed it. I added some html for a banner, and sure enough it displayed.

    I had to reset the page and blog rules a few times, and finally settled on 3 widgets for spacing I liked.

    I think I found the issue that seemed to be causing problems. I was not thinking about the “number of widgets” being inside {layout > footer} and also in the {widget} area as well. They were not the same number, and I also found a {full width} setting in one and {container} setting in the other that conflicted as well.I have everything on the same page now.

    So, I am squared away and everything is working! And my learning curve for the “element” is to the implemented stage! Another very helpful tool, I like it.

    Thank you for posting where to find the “element” Video. I must have watched it a half dozen times until it made some sense to me!

    Thanks for all your help Leo!

    Have a Very Merry Holiday Season,

    Customer Support

    Glad you’ve figured out!

    Happy holidays 🙂

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