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    Have been aware of the Genisis Framework for some time, but never really had a close look at it. I had a brief look at it today and it looks very similar to your GeneratePress theme.

    I just came across it via my LinkedIn group today and many of the users were saying that StudioPress are going to move to a premium subscription model soon.

    Looking at their model, it seems they cater more towards users who are not as confident/familiar with customising via hooks and PHP as they offer child themes at extra cost whereas in GP, I just make them myself. They also seem to rely more on theme options than using the customiser as GP does.

    It appears as though they are a primary competitor within your domain, but I think what you offer still suits me and heaps of other developers – also the price is a very ‘sweet spot’.

    I want to reply to this LinkedIn discussion thread and outline why GP could be a better alternative to the Genisis framework and give you some extra Kudos there Tom, can you help me out with a few clear distinctions?

    I also just became aware of getbeans.io which looks pretty neat but I’d say more dev focussed.

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    Hi Ryan,

    I’ve never really used Genesis, so I can’t speak too much on what’s different.

    The initial look of each theme is quite similar. I think the difference comes from the fact that using the Customizer you can turn GP into anything you want that will be unique to your website.

    With Genesis, you can choose a child theme which hundreds (maybe thousands) of other websites are running at the same time.

    I also like to think that GP is considerably easier to use, while still allowing devs to hook into the code using hooks and filters to build really advanced sites.

    I really try to make GP beginner and advanced user friendly.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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