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    For a photo site, I would like to create a Custom Search Results section on the tags page…

    For example, on this product-tag page (/product-tag/sydney/) which has some description for SEO, I would like to display the search results for the term ‘sydney’ (/?s=sydney&post_type=product&title=1&excerpt=0&content=0&categories=0&attributes=0&tags=0&sku=0&orderby=date-DESC&ixwps=1)

    Reason: I have already created the product-tag pages. I would like to save some effort when creating products (by not having to tag them).

    Happy to explain further. I was hoping to use Elements to build this.


    On further thought, I realise that our search results page itself could be modified. However, I would like to display the product-tag description on the search results page for SEO. For e.g.

    when someone visits ?s=sydney, I wish to display the product-tag description:

    Sydney is a city with many beautiful landmarks. One of the most recognisable landmarks in Sydney is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Other famous urban landmarks, which form part of the cityscape of Sydney, include the Centrepoint Tower and the uniquely designed, Sydney Opera House. Sydney is also the home of Martin Place, characterised by heritage buildings and wonderful old world architecture. It can also be a great place to live, if you can afford to live thereā€¦

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    i am not sure i completely understand.

    You currently have a Product Tag archive – which will automatically show products with the correct term – what is the other content you want to display there ? Is it related posts that have a matching tag term ?


    I want to display search results of the ‘title’ of that Product Tag archive. This would save me the effort when creating the products. I won’t need to tag them.

    Customer Support

    So if the Product title contains ‘sidney’ then it will automatically display in the Sydney Tag archive ?

    As an aside:
    For search results you can force the Navigation Search to display only Woocommerce if that helps:


    This will find any products matching that search term and display them using the Woo template.


    My apologies, I wasn’t very clear…
    That’s right,as illustrated below, when someone visits a product-tag archive page (1), I want the search results for that product-tag ‘title’ to display there (2)

    display search results on product-tag archive page

    I don’t want to display a search field. I want to display search results of the product-tag title to display there. Hope that explains?

    Customer Support

    Hmmm… the only way an archive can display a product ( or post ) is if there is a relevant taxonomy term assigned to the product. That would require a custom query to match the title/content with a list of keywords and add auto add the tag to the product.

    The best i could find was this (unfortunately) unsupported plugin:


    Which means it was doable and there may be alternative auto-taggers out there.

    The only other solution is as i mentioned above to set the Nav search to return Woo products.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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