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[Resolved] Custom Fonts – child theme? + Custom Fonts Plugin

Home Forums Support [Resolved] Custom Fonts – child theme? + Custom Fonts Plugin

Home Forums Support Custom Fonts – child theme? + Custom Fonts Plugin

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    hi there,

    we are using a font we have licensed for all our documents.
    Now i want to add the files (ttf) to our website.
    Beeing a lazy snob i tried the custom fonts plugin and simply uploaded the ttfs there. But in the customizer they are not shown. So guess – does not work (although i some time back read about someone trying).

    Anyway – in your documentation you describe the way it is done by hand /ftp.
    So my question is regarding the mentioned child theme. I try to keep the website minimal – so only generatepress premium is on the page. Do i have to use a child theme for custom fonts (and therefore have 2 themes installed)? Or will it work with only one theme – gp premium – installed also (upgrading = deleting custom settings comes to mind)?

    After adding i should easily see our font in the customizer -> typography ,right?

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    GP Premium is a plugin and not the theme.

    Child theme itself is empty by default so it doesn’t have any effects on your page speed – it simply grabs the parent theme’s file for you unless you overwrite some functions in there in your child theme.

    Using a child theme to add the custom font should be the way to go here.


    well – i didn’t get it to work myself – so i have to ask some more.

    Since i dont use google fonts but our own ttf files the documentation is not fully fit.
    1. installing child theme – check
    2. adding ttf files into newly created /fonts folder in the child theme directory – check (although this was quite easy to see as you can mimic the folders in the main generatepress theme folder you might want to add this info – if its right).
    3. and now?

    Beeing at “Using @font-face” the documentation isnt clear to me from that point.
    – seeing that the url is added – it comes to mind that i am using a sandbox environment to create the homepage (on a virtual machine -> my build is: Changes on virtual machine -> push changes to via wordmove to check -> push to for live usage). So will the url for the font files work after uploading to staging and live?

    – “Now above this field, copy all of the provided CSS, and add it to your website.” – well this only works if you use google fonts 😉 – so no css provided. How to do that with a custom font – not from google.

    Customer Support

    That article should work for custom font – Google font was just used for the example.

    Would an article like this help?

    Suraj Katwal

    I hope this article can help. Instead of Google fonts,Host Google Fonts Locally in WordPress you can try using your own fonts.
    You can try it from step 4

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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