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    Really not sure if these issues could be anything to do with the theme…………

    I sent an image via email last night as I don’t see a way to add them here.

    As you will see from the image in the email, the Jetpack contact form is not displaying as it should i.e. field lengths.

    I have googled for a solution but not found any code that works to customise the field lengths.
    Have you any thoughts?

    I also have an issue that happens on my PC and laptop – the WP visual editor won’t show certain paragraph styles. I just shows mothing (not white text) or some wavy lines.
    Changing to another paragraph style gets the text to show up and, if say, the style that’s not showing is ‘paragraph’ then that option is missing from the from the dropdown menu.

    I cannot find a solution that guarantees a fix – once I de-activated the theme addons and re-actiivated and that sorted it but that didn’t work next time. Logging off and shutting down can fix it.
    Any thoughts?


    I have solved the Contact Form issue. I have some CSS that sized the ‘Subscribe by email’ widget.
    Rem’d out one line.

    All good on that point now – just can’t resolve the visual editor issue although there are lots of people with similar issues when googled.

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    Lead Developer

    The visual editor thing could be a plugin causing issues. Try #1 on this page: https://generatepress.com/knowledgebase/debugging/

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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