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    I am a complete newbie, and barely understand WordPress and some of the terminology. I’m looking for a relatively inexpensive theme, and this one has a good price. But be honest, is this a theme for a wordpress “idiot” to start off with? I mean buying the add-on package too. I know nothing about coding and want something easy to use and setup. I’m playing with the 2012 WordPress theme now and I really don’t get it. Again, the price for GeneratePress seems like a good deal, but I need to make sure. Thanks for any help!

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    One of the easier themes to use I’d say.

    The add-ons basically write hundreds – if not thousands of lines of code for you. All you have to do is change options in the Customizer.

    We have a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like it you’ll get your money back.

    Let me know if you have any other questions πŸ™‚


    Thanks for the quick reply. Does this theme have a “drag and drop” feature? Or is that even necessary? I mean it when I say I know hardly anything about these things, but I really want to get my site going.

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    No drag and drop feature – I find them kind of bulky and buggy.

    GP is very lightweight and simple – just add your content and customize your site through “Appearance > Customize”.

    You can play with the free theme to get a feel for how it works.



    You almost have me sold. Especially since it’s basically no risk for 30 days. But I want to try to describe what I’m trying to do and tell me if it your theme really is a good solution. I figure if it’s not the right one for me, then no need to buy and ask for a refund. I would rather the one I choose be the one. Excuse my lack of proper terms, if you will.

    I want a “home” page to be the page you would see when you type in the web address, and I guess that would be considered static? On that page would be info about the site and maybe, if possible, a couple of more recent articles/posts. I want other static pages by topic, and accessible through a bar along the top of the site. (like most web sites you see) (The site is health/medical related.) For instance, a page under “Vitamins” and another say “Conventional Treatment.” So an article about Vitamin C would go on the “Vitamins” page. You get the idea. But I also want a page as a blog, where I just post my thoughts and opinions. And, while not right away, I may want to place ads on the site such as adsense, or probably one of the better ones and maybe an affiliate link. I hope I described this well enough.

    So can generatepress with the add-on package accomplish this, and even if so, would it be extremely difficult?

    Thank you so much. I appreciate what I see on these forums and your prompt replies.

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    Lead Developer

    In order to display blog posts on a static page, you’ll have to use a plugin like this: https://wordpress.org/plugins/display-posts-shortcode/

    When adding your blog posts, you can put them into categories. Then in your navigation, you can link to those category pages.

    For example, if one category is “Vitamins”, you could link to that category and it would display all of your posts inside that Vitamins category.

    Same goes for anything else.

    This is all standard WordPress stuff – nothing difficult or custom πŸ™‚

    Let me know if you have any other questions!



    Thank you.

    I am going to show my ignorance of all this with one more post here, to give a better picture of what I’m talking about. First example, on your site you have along the top (is that navigation bar?) “Khowledgebase.” Is that considered a page? Then after clicking that, you come to a page of links to articles. That’s a decent example of what I’m looking for. I just get terms like pages, categories, menus, etc. confused with WordPress. Take the following two food blogs as most of those types of blogs are basically what I’m looking for. (pickyeaterblog.com and againstallgrain.com) You click on “Recipes” at the top which takes you to a page where a bunch of things are listed, then click on whatever to take you to the actual article or post. Would “Recipes” be considered a static page? That’s what I would hope to accomplish with GeneratePress, if possible. I’m not finding most wordpress tutorials I find online very helpful, and I don’t want to spend a high sum for a theme. Your price is about where I want to start. And I don’t mind if you delete this post when you’re done reading it as I didn’t want to advertise someone else’s blog on your site. I just wanted you to see a good example (I think) of the type of site I want to build and if I can do it with your theme. I have been playing with the free version a bit but I want every add-on option available if it will help.

    Thanks again. You’ve been great dealing with my newbie questions.

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    Yea, I would consider those pages where the author has linked to a bunch of their posts.

    My knowledgebase page is a static page with a shortcode that displays posts from a custom post type (just to confuse you some more, maybe ignore that πŸ˜‰ )

    Basically, you can create a static page and manually link to all of your posts like the above two sites do, or you could use a plugin like I linked to above (https://wordpress.org/plugins/display-posts-shortcode/) to display your posts using a shortcode, which would update the links on the page automatically as you add posts.

    Either way, this method will be very similar on all themes, so I wouldn’t base your theme decision on this.

    When it comes to the theme, choose the one you like the look and feel of the most, and the one you can change to suit your visual/functional needs.

    Then you can work on your content using plugins and shortcodes πŸ™‚


    As a current customer of Tom and this theme, I’ve tried many many free themes and this one is by far one of the best. I’d strongly recommend you buy the addon pack too as this makes it very easy to modify. But best of all the support on this forum is second to none, Tom doesn’t stop helping until the issue is fixed.

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    Lead Developer

    Thanks, Pete! Appreciate it πŸ™‚


    +1 for what Pete said. The theme itself is easy enough to use and the Add-ons make customizations pretty straight-forward. And you won’t find a WP theme author that provides better support than Tom. Having said that, I would strongly recommend you take some time to become familiar with WordPress and how it works before diving in to create your first site, no matter which theme you choose. Without some background knowledge and understanding of the terms and functionality, you can quickly become frustrated and disenchanted. Riding a bicycle is easy once you know how; WordPress is the same way.

    Here are a couple of online tutorials you might take a look at:

    Here’s another one that includes some links to the WordPress Codex (the WordPress “bible” for lack of a better term)

    And, if you have $15 and a month with some free time, this is a good resource:

    Hope that helps get you started.


    I’ve got another question. I’m using Generatepress for the theme and also GP Premium.
    I use the plugin as mentioned above. Everything works fine but is it possible that the layout becomes te same like in the theme? I use containers for the blog.
    In the shortcode I tried with

    [display-posts include_date=”true” date_format=”- j F Y” posts_per_page=”20″ include_excerpt=”true” category=”DIVERSE,VRIJDAGMARKT,SPIEGELREI” wrapper=”div” wrapper_class=”div.inside-article”]

    I guess that the div.inside-article is wrong? What can I use?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Lead Developer

    It should be: wrapper_class="inside-article"

    However, that won’t style it like GP I’m afraid.

    It would take some more CSS tweaks to get them looking similar.

    I do want to create my own display posts shortcode plugin, which I have started – just haven’t had time to finish it yet.

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