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    I’ve recently started having issues with both Largest Contentful Paint and Cumulative Layout Shift in my Core Web Vitals Assessment. Last year, after switching my theme to Generate Press, all seemed to be fine.

    Here is the website – https://ohiofestivals.net/

    I have a second site that does pass the Core Web Vitals and it’s structures pretty much the same. The main two differences are that there are ads on the first and not the second and that the first uses WP Rocket while the second uses Autoptimize.

    Here is the second website to compare – https://festivalguidesandreviews.com/

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    if i test the first site without WP Rocket by adding the ?nowprocket query string to the URL:


    The CLS drops to 0 – so we know its something WP Rocket is doing to the site.

    When you test the site on Google Pagespeed it provides a film strip – like this one with WP Rocket enabled:


    You can see the first two frames are rendered without any styles – which is what causes the CLS.
    This happens when using the Optimizer CSS Delivery ( AKA Critical CSS ) and Unused CSS options in WP Rocket.
    Try disabling the CSS options to see if theres an improvement.


    Thanks David,

    That seems to have improved it some.

    Any other suggestions you have to help it?


    Customer Support

    I ran a new test on your site and there was 0 CLS and the results were great.
    Am i missing something ?


    Hi David

    On my side, the desktop is still showing high in the cumulative layout shift (0.28). Is it 0 as well for you? Or will the Core Web Vital score lower over time since the performance score below is now 0 (this is where I get confused with how the Core Web Vital Assessment works)?

    Concerning my issue with the Largest Contentful Paint – do you think this is a WP Rocket issue as well?

    Thanks again for your help on this.



    Sorry…maybe the Largest Contentful Paint is the same situation with the CLS…I see now that the performance scores are great below. Will the Core Web Vital change based on this?

    Customer Support

    OK so Google collects data and reports data in many ways.
    When you run a PSI test you are presented with 2 sets of data;

    First you’re presented with accumulated data.
    This will either be from This URL or Origin. This data is collected over 28 days and is accumulative of the entire domain, so thats every post and page google has put under its microscope.

    Below that is what was called Lab Data now titled Diagnose performance issues.

    This is the results of the test you just ran.
    Overtime you should see the origin data above update to reflect the lab data.

    So sit tight and you should see improvements to it over the next few weeks.


    Thanks for the explanation, David. I appreciate it.

    Thanks again for your help with the WP Rocket issue.

    Have a great weekend!

    Customer Support
Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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