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    I think I remember reading a comment that the customizer additional css loads after the child css. Over the years, whatever css I have tested in the customizer gets pasted into the child css. Should the site ever need to swap themes for testing, I did not want any chance of losing custom css from the customizer. This fear was from while ago. Is this still the case the the customizer might lose css when swapping themes. I also remember swapping themes could lose assets like site logo etc… Is this still the case?

    I guess the bigger picture question is. If using the snippet plugin + customizer css, is it still a best practice to run a child theme in GP?

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    Hi Ian,

    It’s normal that if you switch to any theme, the customizer CSS and other settings won’t carry over to that theme. In WordPress, theme settings, and correspondingly, CSS codes are inherent only to your current theme. If you’re switching to the GeneratePress child theme from the GP theme, the logo and other customizer settings except for Additional CSS should carry over.

    Now with regards to using a Child Theme, I find two cases where the need to use a Child theme would be more or less necessary or optimal:

    1. If you plan to add/edit theme template files.
    2. If your CSS in the customizer exceed 500 – 600 lines. It would be more optimal performance-wise to use a Child theme and place the CSS in the style.css file


    Thanks Fernando. That is very good insight.

    I don’t usually edit theem template files and most custom css also do not exceed 500 lines normally. Having said that, if I need to switch to a default WP theme to test something and then switch back to GP, can I ask if customizer CSS will stay intact? ie. Are the custom css in customizer stored in the dB so as long as I do not uninstall GP, the custom css should return from swapping out a theme temporarily?

    It’s very convenient to build in the customizer css. Wondering if I can safely move to using it in the long term.


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    Yes, the CSS in the Customizer is stored in the database, and if you switch themes, those CSS should still be there.

    However, it’s best practice to take a backup of your site before making major changes like these. Seldom, there can be server/database issues while making major changes which may break things.


    Thanks for your insight Fernando. Understood.

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    You’re welcome Ian!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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