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[Resolved] Changing size on heading or headline for particular use

Home Forums Support [Resolved] Changing size on heading or headline for particular use

Home Forums Support Changing size on heading or headline for particular use

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    I’m new to GeneratePress. I’ve changed the default font for headings using Typography -> All Headings. Next, on one page (not the entire site) I’d like to make H2 about 2 times its regular size. I may also need to adjust other aspects, such as font weight and letter spacing for that particular use on that page.

    I imagine that involves creating a class but not sure how to start on that. Have found various other very helpful tips in support.


    Customer Support

    Hi there and welcome,

    Are you using the Block Editor ?


    Hi David, yes. I found that I could set the font family inside of a container to use one of the available p fonts, which seems to be working so perhaps there is not a need to create and apply a new class?

    Doing that causes a couple of formatting issues for me: I’m needing to use a negative bottom margin for the container to avoid extra white space, which seems to be working but I’m not sure it’s ideal; and I’d like to reduce line height for the paragraph (so less white space between lines of wrapped text) inside the container but haven’t found that answer yet. Thanks!

    Customer Support

    Hi Dennis

    The easiest way to address this is to install free and lightweight GenerateBlocks plugin, and use a GB Headline Block instead.


    Using a GB Headline Block should allow you to change the font, spacing, color, border, etc. of a Headline easily.

    The WP Heading Block’s Block settings is very limited, and as you’ve mentioned, you’ll need to add classes and custom CSS to alter it properly.

    Kindly let us know what you think.


    Thank you Fernando. That is certainly easier than what I was doing to setting the font size and family in a container and then using the paragraph block.

    Unless you suggest otherwise, I’m going to presume that it would be a generally good idea to go back and redo what I’d done with my complicated method, and use the headline.

    Thanks! I appreciate the prompt and useful help.

    Customer Support

    If it’s manageable, then redoing, and using a GB Headline block with be great.

    If it’s just the font you’re modifying, using Dynamic Typography would also be a great approach. You can modify the font there, and also the bottom margin.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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