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    Hi guys!

    I’m playing around a bit with creating a dark mode on a website.

    Works fine so far.

    What I did:

    Created CSS variables:

    /* Light Mode */
    :root {
        --primary-color: #688e23;
        --secondary-color: #ff8c00;
        --font-color: #2b2b2b;
        --bg-color: #fff;
        --heading-color: #2b2b2b;
    /* Dark Mode */
    [data-theme="dark"] {
        --primary-color: #9acd32;
        --secondary-color: #ff8c00;
        --font-color: #ffffff;
        --bg-color: #000000;
        --heading-color: #ffffff;

    Added the dark mode toogle-button as hook (generate_after_navigation):

    <div class="theme-switch-wrapper">
        <label class="theme-switch" for="checkbox">
            <input type="checkbox" id="checkbox" />
            <div class="slider round"></div>
      <em>Dark Mode</em>

    Added some Js as Hook (wp_footer):

    	const toggleSwitch = document.querySelector('.theme-switch input[type="checkbox"]');
    const currentTheme = localStorage.getItem('theme');
    if (currentTheme) {
        document.documentElement.setAttribute('data-theme', currentTheme);
        if (currentTheme === 'dark') {
            toggleSwitch.checked = true;
    function switchTheme(e) {
        if (e.target.checked) {
            document.documentElement.setAttribute('data-theme', 'dark');
            localStorage.setItem('theme', 'dark');
        else {        document.documentElement.setAttribute('data-theme', 'light');
              localStorage.setItem('theme', 'light');
    toggleSwitch.addEventListener('change', switchTheme, false);

    Now I want to change the logo as well when dark mode is toggled on. Do you have an idea how to realize this?

    Homepage and the logo file I want to use in dark mode is in private info.

    Thanks and greetings


    Customer Support

    Tried this in Snippets, but it’s not working:

    add_filter( 'generate_logo', function( $logo ) {
        if ( currentTheme == 'dark' ) {
            return 'https://papaya.dj-whizzad.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/runningpapaya-logo-hell.svg';
        return $logo;
    } );
    Customer Support

    That just means if ( currentTheme == 'dark' ) is not a valid conditional tag.

    Where did you get the solution from? Can you check with the solution author to see if there is a conditional tag we can use the target dark mode only?

    I’m not seeing anything special in the <body> tag when the site is in dark mode unfortunately.


    I got the code from dev.to:


    It’s quite an old post, so I guess it won’t be possible to get the needed info from the author :/

    Do you have another idea? Or maybe you have a clue to realize the darkmode better?

    Customer Support

    I don’t unfortunately.

    Since there is no extra body class added or conditional tag, the JS you’ve added would need to be modified to switch out the logo.

    I wonder if a plugin like this would work better though?


    Hi Leo,

    thanks for your help so far.

    Unfortunately I was too busy the last days but I’m gonna try the plugins tomorrow and tell you hiw it worked.

    Customer Support

    Hi Leo,

    I guess wp-night-mode could do the trick. The other plugin is much prettier, but i’ll go with the open source one.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Customer Support
Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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