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    Yup, I know this is dumb…
    I’m making a site to help out some friends, been playing with all the controls (great work on this theme, thanks!) and found a way of showing a banner image more or less as I want it, after trying myriad options. Then went for a coffee, came back, and cannot remember how I did it. I’ve worked methodically through every function I can find but can’t find it anywhere – I have no idea how this image is being produced… and I just know we’ll need to amend it sometime. Can you help me find it?

    Firebug tells me it’s <div class=”site-logo”> and


    Hmmm. Lost the final bit of info there…
    It’s div class=”site-logo” and img class=”header-image”

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    Lead Developer

    Hi Joanna,

    You can set the logo in “Appearance > Customize > Header Content”.

    Let me know if this helps or not 🙂


    Hi Tom
    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. I’ve just gone through every part of the CMS step by step and discovered I’d hidden the code in GP Hooks – forgot there were lots of positions for hook code and had only seen the last one I’d messed with.

    I do have another question – I’ve changed the Navigation Label of my home page to HOME but it continues to show the page title text. I assume it’s possible to stop the menu repeating the page title (it looks bad). Can you think what I’m missing?

    Thanks again 😉

    PS I’m an old skool HTML coder built some of the first commercial websites in the UK in the 90s, so am thrilled by the elegance of what you’ve made… but unused to code not being on a single page so I can see what it’s doing!


    And once again, when I go through the dashboard methodically, I find what I need – which is to ‘Set navigation’ in the ‘Customise’ area. Hurray!


    I tried this methodical approach to try removing the blog post on my HOME page – but can’t seem to switch it off anywhere. I hope to enable comments at some stage, but for now need to make a set of static pages – I searched the Generate forums and looked at “http://en.support.wordpress.com/enable-disable-comments/&#8221; which advises:

    To change the comment settings for a post or page you already published, first locate the post/page you want to edit on the Posts or Pages page on your WordPress.com site’s dashboard and click on its title.
    Then, locate the Discussion module on the edit screen, and either check or uncheck the options it offers:

    I made these changes in site-wide Settings/Discussion, but on my already publish page, there is no Discussion module on the edit screen, and I cannot remove the blog post comments boxes from my home page. If you have a minute, could you let me know what I might try next?

    Thanks again…


    So sorry. I have now reached peak stupid (very tired, been at this for far too long, need to go and walk a dog or something) and will stop asking questions now. My answer was: Screen Options, check the box that says Discussion.

    Hope you have a good weekend…

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    Lead Developer

    Hi Joanna,

    You’re making my job too easy – answering all of your own questions! 🙂

    Did you figure out how to remove the blog post from your homepage as well?

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