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    I would like to have a buttom to the left of the logo as in this screenshot.

    Can you tell me how this can be done.



    I was able to add this, but can I make it visible on a mobile device?

    Customer Support

    Hi Leanne,

    Are you referring to the “View Portfolio” button? It seems to be visible from my end on mobile.

    I also tested on my personal phone to be sure, and it’s also visible there.

    Can you try clearing you mobile’s browser cache?


    No, the button at the top left that says “15 Minute Complimentary Session” is not showing up on mobile.

    Very top left

    Customer Support

    What hook are you currently using, and do you also want it to appear at the very left on mobile?

    Can you try hook menu_bar_items?


    I am using “before logo”. I tried the one you suggested, and it put the button the right.

    I tried after mobile logo and it shows up on mobile. I could just make two, one for mobile and one for desktop. That would work.

    Customer Support

    Depending on your structure, I believe we can move it to the left through custom CSS.

    Having two Block Elements is alright as well.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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