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    Hi, when I go to my url it automatically goes to my blog page. This is fine, except that on my blog page all my post titles and the headlines within my post are in header 2. If you click a post then the post title becomes header 1 and the headlines within are header 2 like it should be. Is there anyway to get the post titles to show up as header 1 within the blog page? I’ve looked all around, but cannot figure it out. Thank you!


    I forgot to give my url….http://myglutenfreemiami.com


    Hi Amanda. There is no specific requirement or definitive guide for the use of H1 and H2 tags. However, For SEO “best practices”, it’s generally accepted that there should be only one H1 tag on a page. This would normally be the page title, and any post titles on that page would (usually) be H2. On the single post page the post title (again, usually) uses the H1 tag. There is a discussion regarding blog heading structure in this post by Joost de Valk, the author of the Yoast SEO plugin.

    Hope that helps.


    Hi, Thank you for your response, but my problem is on my blog page that my H1 does not show up in the correct font and I am not sure why. My H1 shows up in the color I chose (green) but it shows up in the font for my H2 (Architects Daughter) when it should be in Raleway. Is this just how the theme processes the blog? http://myglutenfreemiami.com Thank you!


    On your Blog page, the green title that you see is actually a post title. You can add a page title using the GP Hooks Add-on. Add the following code in the “Inside Content Container” hook:

      if ( is_home() ) {
        echo '<h1>This Is My Blog Page Title</h1>';

    Then check the “Execute PHP” option and Save. This will add an H1 page heading between the navigation bar and the first post.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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