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    Hi there,

    i created some banners on my subpages with generateblocks.
    Now i am looking for a good working slider block/plugin that i can put on the startpage that simple slides those banners (with an added link to the subpages).

    I currently tried out the media slider block by getwid – but this works only if you use the image function of the slider instead of a container background. Also it doesnt seem to work at all on tablet/mobile (the image doesnt scale).
    So i am asking myself if there is a block or plugin that simply makes existing content slide – without any other overloaded functions. Just the slide part and functions regarding that. But thats just a thought – but if you know something like that – let me know.

    So my overall question is:
    in your experience – what slider block or slider plugin or other slider solution works best with generateblocks?

    Customer Support

    Hi Matthias,

    Our usual recommendation would be Smart Slider 3.

    See: https://smartslider3.com/blog/generatepress-slider/

    If you’d want something more lightweight, you might want to test and check out some other plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/carousel/

    Hope this answers you inquiry! Feel free to reach out if you’ll have any further questions. 🙂


    Thx Fernando,

    i will have a look. Smartslider3 seems to be out – as i would prefer a carousel that works as a gutenberg block – thats why i started with getwid media+slider block (which as i mentioned doesnt seem to be responsive).

    I will for now tryout Carousel Slider Block for Gutenberg as mentioned here and wp swiper which is based on swiperjs (which i already stumbled upon during my search).
    You can find them under the linked carousel tag in the wordpress repository.

    Customer Support

    You’re welcome Matthias! Glad you were able to find one potentially suitable. Feel free to reach out anytime if you’ll need assistance with anything else. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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