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    I’m going to be working with up to 3 new GPpro-themed sites. I’m working on the first one – a restaurant site – now, and I’m getting really frustrated with Gutenberg. My simplest problem is one of colorizing individual words. I really don’t want to mess with typing in code if I don’t have to – just highlight a word (or phrase) and select a color. I’ve got a plug-in right now that allows me to colorize a whole paragraph at a time, but that’s not what I want.

    I’m also being frustrated with importing the menu from a Word doc – Gutenberg added a ton of lists and blocks I didn’t want, and I’m gonna have to fix/change that down the road, but not now.

    Oh, and if I could add an in-line graphic (specifically, a tiny pic of a hot pepper which I have in the media library) instead of making it a “picture block” and then having to flow text around it, my life would be so much better. I only have about 95 of those to put in the menu. ::sigh::

    So, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    Scott G.


    I found a solution for coloring a single word – a plugin called TinyMCE Advanced. And I’m not sure if the ability to insert in-line graphics was always there, but after installing this plugin, I stumbled across a way to do it.

    So, now I just have to figure out a way of converting 160 menu items into a format that works for both desktop and mobile.


    If you must use Gutenberg, the Custom HTML block is your friend. For complex blocks I use a programmers editor to work out the HTML, along with adding any custom CSS needed in the child theme’s style.css. Once the HTML is working in the editor, I copy and paste it into the Custom HTML block. For simpler blocks I just code the HTML directly in the Custom HTML block. Most of the time it’s way easier than trying to pound the square block into the round hole on the page.

    The Gutenberg Block(head) editor has gotten much better. There are addon plugins that help make using it easier. I use the CoBlocks plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/coblocks/) a lot when working in Gutenberg. I’m looking forward to the GeneratePress blocks plugin.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    thanks for the input Mike.
    I think for somethings such as creating menus it is best to look at code solutions or another plugin. If the Menu is going to require updates then maybe ACF ( Advanced Custom Fields ) or dedicated plugin would be a better solution


    I was mostly responding to the editor question. I would not try to import a menu directly from Word into Gutenberg or even the Classic editor. Word has way too much code junk. I can see how using a plugin such as ACF or Pods would make creating a menu easier, especially for non-coders.

    In fairness to Gutenberg, you can easily add small inline images to paragraph text in the Paragraph block. Formatting that image is another thing. 🙂

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