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    Hi! Google PageSpeed Insights ask me to Avoid oversized DOM.
    I have taken a screenshot for you.
    It highlights my post’s header.
    Could you kindly advise how to fix this?

    Customer Support

    Hello there,

    It’s basically saying that you have elements nested under numerous parent elements, and that you have relatively numerous elements in one page.

    “Every ‘element’ displayed on a page whether that be a paragraph, a menu item, an image or the invisible stuff for things like containers and grids all generate HTML. Each one consisting of 1 or more DOM Nodes.”

    For instance, the element being reported having a high DOM depth is the text “COVID-19 Took My Waiter Job, Then I Made 5-Figur…” which is under your Thrive leads. You’ll need to address its depth.

    Moreover, having more than 800 nodes in a page produces a warning in which case yours exceeds 800. You basically have too many elements in your page.

    To put that into perspective – generatepress.com has less then 20.

    Here are some recommendations to resolve this: https://www.corewebvitals.io/pagespeed/fix-avoid-excessive-dom-size-lighthouse#:~:text=Workaround%20for%20%27avoid%20excessive%2DDOM%20size%27

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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