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    Martin Kirst

    Hey there!

    I love your theme and even purchased some of your addons.
    There is actually one thing which annoys me:

    The names of the authors are not showing up in the blog entries of the default blog page.
    I’ve also checked the appropriate setting under Appearance -> Customize -> Blog -> Author which is set to “Show”.

    Is there anything I missed or is this a known bug?


    Tom Lead Developer

    Hi Martin,

    Glad you love the theme! Thanks!

    This was intended, but I’m thinking of removing it now. The logic was that if the blog has only one author, it wasn’t necessary to display the author name while on the blog page. If there’s multiple authors, the name displays.

    I’m going to make the change to always display the author in the next version.

    For now, you can make this CSS change:

    .updated {
    	display: inline;

    When adding CSS, it’s suggested you do so in a child theme. You can download our default child theme here: generatepress.com/api/themes/generatepress_child.zip

    Hope this helps,


    Martin Kirst

    Alright, this helped me out.

    Thanks for the very fast support. Nice work, keep it up!


    Tom Lead Developer
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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