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    Sorry, I am a bit lost with Gutenberg.

    GeneratePress works very well, I try to create a Landing page made of “blocks” of Gutenberg and I try to create a menu in order to address each of these blocs with a personalized link.
    (Thank you to confirm it is a good practice 🙂

    My question is:
    I noted that only the Hx tag have the (Block > Advanced >) HTML text box to indicate an anchor for the block.
    How can I have an anchor with a picture or other blocks?

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    simplest way – install the Gutenberg Plugin – this will bring the editor up to the latest version, which has bug fixes and UI improvements. It also includes a Group Block. Which you can add a single or as many blocks within it – and it comes with the HTML Anchor.

    We’re also working on a Block Plugin which will add a Section block, this will also contain an ID field, which can be used for anchors.


    Hi, David and all the team,
    Thank you for a so fast answer especially a weekend.

    Your answer: ” – install the Gutenberg Plugin – ”
    Hum… I am not sure to see what you are referring to. Gutenberg is a part of WP.
    Please, note I am in 5.2 WP version. (I cannot update it into 5.2.1 version… zip file authentification issue).

    I see some Gutenberg plugins (I was thinking it was for WP version prior to 5.0).
    I am testing “Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg”. There are lots of new block extensions, great. But they do not offer HTML field (test with picture block).

    Thank you for a link to “Gutenberg Plugin”.

    Customer Support

    This is the official plugin:


    All new updates to the editor happen first in this plugin. It gets updated every 2 weeks or so. These updates then get pushed into WP 5 core about every 8 weeks.


    Hi David,
    Thank you for your help.

    Just a last small issue.

    From the menu, I can address the targeted block.
    But this one appears too high, the top of this block is under the head menu…

    Thank you for your comment.

    Customer Support

    Are you using the Sticky Navigation?
    If so go to Customizer > General and check smooth scroll.

    Then in your menu links add the CSS Class of smooth-scroll

    This article explains how to add CSS Classes to menu items:



    Hi David,

    I do not regret to work with GeneratePress,
    within a few minutes… I solved a problem and I learned something new!

    Thank you! Everything works perfectly!

    PS: I love Gutenberg… even if I noted the very low rating!

    Have a fun time

    Customer Support

    Awesome – so glad to hear that! It’s getting better with every update. And we hope to have our own Block Plugin coming soon 🙂


    Hi David,
    just a question (out of GP 🙂

    To target the page top, I use the page url but this has for effect to reload the page.

    Is there a way to put an anchor at the top of the page (HEADING ?) and to target this anchor in the “Home” menu item (avoiding to reload the page)?

    Thank you for your time.

    Customer Support

    #page would take you to the top of the page.
    Above that is the #masthead for the header.


    Hi David,
    Thank you for this information.

    In fact, I am facing a big issue.
    My WP + GP site works fine on Chrome… but not on Firefox?!

    By the way, in fact, my navigation with smooth-scroll does not work (not stable).
    To make this ok, I found this :
    * Do not use heading block as an anchor
    * To create a group block (even for one block)
    * To add a space at the top of this block… height roughly this one of the sticky menu height.
    It seems to me you can check smooth scroll or uncheck it, it is the same.
    And I put the class in the menu item 🙂

    But this does not work for (my) Firefox navigator :,(

    Thank you if you can confirm, from you Firefox navigator, if it works well: https://bacasable.eu

    Please note I have added these plugins:
    * Gutenberg in 5.9.0
    * Smart Slider 3, Free edition in 3.3.20
    * Timeline and History Slider, free edition in 1.3.2

    Please, note that Timeline and History Slider modify the link behavior.
    For example, a column block (inside a group) link works well when th-slider is deactivated!

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Customer Support

    When we looked at the site yesterday we couldn’t see the anchors working properly in Chrome or the other browsers. Today the site is locked. Let us know if you need us to take another look


    Hi David, sorry for the inconvenience.
    It’s OK now.

    With Chrome, all the title block fall just below the sticky menu.
    With Firefox, for example with the Equipe menu, you are in the middle of Equipe block
    And I noted the shift is not always the same if you have used the menu several time.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Customer Support

    The site is behind a password, could you remove this or provide us with a login via the Account issue form:


    Please add the URL for this topic to the form so we can track


    Thank you for all your time.
    I sent you a message.

    Best regards from France

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