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    I am not sure if I can ask here.

    I am trying to set up the Ajax Load More plugin, but I am totally confused with the codes. I opened the C panel, then Manager File, etc, but I am stuck.

    Please, can you help me?

    Thanks in advance


    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    can you link me to the documentation for this code you need to add ?


    I am sorry, but I am lost here. I installed Ajax Load More plugin, I should go to Repeater Templates…. Can you tell me exactly what you need? I am not that tech expert, sorry…

    Customer Support

    Is this the plugin you’re using:


    Let me know ?


    Yes, that is it. But no matter that, what I need is to make my homepage something like this website https://www.seedsandspades.com/
    See how are shown a few articles and then that button “read more”, meaning to load more articles. I need that, with this plugin or some other else.
    Thank you


    Hello, David,
    I checked about the Ajax plugin on my site. When I go to Customize, I find Ajax code, I drag it to my homepage and I do not like it. It is not what I want. It changes my website look. This is my website, how I want my articles to be, spread on the whole Homepage http://www.gardencrayon.com
    When I put the Ajax code, articles are listed from up to down. When I scroll down (thanks to Ajax code) new articles are opening. That I do not want.
    As I said, I like very much that my homepage is like this website https://www.seedsandspades.com/
    I like how recent posts are spread and the “more articles” button. That is what I would like.

    Thank you in advance


    Customer Support

    Ok, so i don’t think you need Ajax Load More.
    I can describe how i would build a home page like the one you see on: https://www.seedsandspades.com/

    To begin i would use the Block Editor with the GenerateBlocks Free plugin:


    The steps would be:

    1. Create a Static Page fro your Home Page.
    2. In the Page Editor set the Content Container to Full Width:


    3. Disable any Sidebars or Content Title from that page too.

    At this point you will have a Blank Page that is 100% full width with NO theme padding.

    4. create sections on your page using the GenerateBlocks Container Block:


    For all Containers you will first want to set the Spacing > Padding, i would suggest 40px on all sides.
    You can set a Color > Background or even set a Background image if needed.

    5. You can now add what content you need inside each of your sections.

    6. For the posts lists use a GB Query Loop block:


    And the best way to start that is to Copy and Paste one of the Free Patterns you can find here:


    Note that some of these patterns already have the outer Container Block, so they already form a section.

    7. Use the GB Headline Block and GB Buttons blocks to add titles for each section, and links to the category archives:



    Thank you for your detailed answer. I will start working on this.

    Thanks 🙂


    Customer Support

    Let us know how you get on!


    Thank you, I put it on Full Width. I like very much how it looks. But I will continue working. Let you know.


    So, do I have to delete all the existing content on my homepage? Will I have that “load more articles” button?

    Customer Support

    Hi Ana,

    If your goal homepage is this: https://www.seedsandspades.com/ you can copy its layout through using GenerateBlocks.

    Here’s a helpful video on how to use GenerateBlocks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7fwJECtgSg

    As mentioned by David, you can use a GB Query Loop Block to retrieve the posts you want in a static page.

    Then you can add a GB Button Block to add a “read more” or “open more articles” similar to the one in your reference site.

    You’ll just need to set the link of the buttons to you’re preferred archive or static page.


    Thank you, Fernando. I am working on it now. Thanks!

    Customer Support

    You’re welcome Ana!


    I have GeneratePress Premium and I have installed the GenerateBlocks plugin. I see the settings and dashboard of this plugin, but nothing else. When I open a new or old page I do not see something related to Generate Blocks. I use Elementor, so I do not know if that has something to do with that.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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