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    Hi Guys,

    Just some good advice. I like your theme and find the support great. But the starter sites are fine, but in my opinion are not so good looking as when you look at the Astra theme. So I think if you would built some lay-outs like the site the deliver, GP would get more popular.


    GeneratePress 2.2.2
    GP Premium 1.7.8

    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    We like to do things differently to the competition. The majority of the other Themes sites are built with pagebuilders, and there is very few differences between them aside from the images, fonts and colors being used. If you look closely most have the same header / nav / footer arrangement and I have yet to see any that contain custom CSS or functions that truly make a site different.

    As there is a huge marketplace of free and premium pagebuilder templates on the market we don’t feel the need to delve further into this space.

    When we release GPP 1.8 we will be focusing on Woocommerce and Gutenberg sites. All of which will be pagebuilder friendly allowing our users to make up their own minds.

    If you have any particular site designs you would like to see we would be happy to look into that.



    Hi David,

    Okay, I understand your point of view.
    Like I already stated: I like GP and love the support you give!



    David Customer Support

    You’re welcome. We appreciate all feedaback, so thank you for taking the time 🙂



    Just to chime in, I also appreciate GP’s point of view and approach.

    Yet, I’m one of those customers that would have happily bought a pro license much, much sooner (I just did after hovering over ‘purchase’ for more than a year) if you had ‘starter’ designs that I liked.

    Sure, in the process I may have been misled by some other themes promises, yet there’s no doubt that having a design as-close-as-possible to your desired result, *if* it’s well built/solid-theme, can save a lot of time (I acknowledge many of them are *not* – yes, Astra is a good exception, my main site is built on a free Astra template).

    I think there’s definite room for improvement for GP in this regard, and as Jos brought up – would make you more attractive, and get more sales.
    I can imagine perhaps you’re *not* doing so as a strategy, yet to my mind if you specialise in building a bunch more solid, responsive, well-built layouts (even if with only refined colour and font options), this would be a huge time-saver. Just my 2c.

    Do tell me if I’m missing something – is there a speedy way to integrate other skins/templates into GP in a way I’m missing?



    Tom Lead Developer

    I totally agree. We’re trying to add a good mix of simple starter sites and more complex sites with more custom code etc.. We’re beginning to have a well-rounded library of sites, and we have a lot more in the works 🙂



    Just my two cents. I am more biased towards minimal looking sites, and this is what attracted me to GP. I tried Astra Free before GP but I finally settled on GP. The minimal look of GP and its starter sites works well for me and I guess the approach is also good because it allows you as a customer to customize your site to your liking. Unlike other themes, I am yet to find any two GP sites that look the same, and more so it is even difficult sometimes to know if a site is made with GP until you look at its source code. That communicates to the uniqueness of GP. Minimalism, speed and fluidity with page builders are what makes GP stand out alongside the incredible support. Plus my audience likes the minimal look coz my pageviews have nearly doubled since I switched to GP. But of late, the starter sites are becoming more graphic but still ensuring speed is maintained.


    Leo Customer Support

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Really happy to hear this as it’s exactly what we are aiming for in the site library 🙂

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