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    I want to add the Flaticon Essential Set to my theme.

    I am aware that in the GP theme folder there is a Fonts folder that currently contains FontAwsome

    I have several questions:

    1. I am running a child theme and functionality plugin. Can I just put the Flaticon files (and css sheet) in the current font folder in the GP theme. Or should I create a Fonts folder in my childtheme?

    2. If I upload the whole set of Essential Set icons to my theme, would that slow it down signicantly on loading?

    3. I understand that I can just run a snippet in my functionality plugin to run the flaticon style sheet as per this article. Is that correct?


    4. And then I can just add the icon as follows in my html <i class=”flaticon-airplane49″></i>. However what I don’t know here is where to find the class of each specific icon. For font awesome that is easy as it appears on their Cheat Sheet. Can seem to find similar list of classes for icon set on Flaticon site. What am i missing here? Essential set is located here:


    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    Kind Regards


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    Hi there,

    1. They should definitely go into your child theme.

    2. Likely – it depends on the file size of the files.

    3. That’s correct – you’d just need to make sure the URL you’re adding points to the correct file.

    4. I’m not sure – I’m not familiar with flaticon. Your syntax looks correct though 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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