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    Oriol Valentí

    Hi tom, I have been using your theme for six months and Im pretty happy with it, so thanks!

    In my last project Im planing to include woocommerce, and I want to know if what is the best aproach to add a cart widget to menu and also sticky menu (like in the oficial woo theme

    Thank you!

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    This plugin looks like it will do what you’re looking for:


    Oriol, the plugin Tom mentioned works. I used it in my previous theme, and it works in GP too.

    Oriol Valentí

    Wow, that was fast and specific! thank you guys. I will give it a try.


    Hi Tom,
    I was just lurking. Thanks for this info. 😉
    One very important question regarding GeneratePress Premium and WooCommerce “integration”…
    What exactly does that mean??
    I read blog posts that says you COULD be using a “Woo compatible” theme — fine and dandy — but your site still breaks which is more of a condemnation of Woo.
    Also, if I visit various WordPress info sites, I always see full-blown “WooCommerce themes” being advertised. How do these differ from GeneratePress Premium?

    The reason I ask is because I’m looking to add paid membership (Ultimate Member, Ultimate Member Pro) and an Events (Chronosly maybe) plugin to a new client site. Sometimes, you see that “this plugin is Woo compatible” which, theoretically, means that if my client’s payment gateway (PesaPal) for East Africa is available, then my users can buy memberships with PesaPal. Bonus!

    I just want to be able to use Woo or any other eCommerce method/plugin that supports my payment gateway of choice. And that seems to be WooCommerce. But I don’t want that bloat and/or Woo upgrade unpredictability. I read tons of reviews on forums about WooCommerce ALWAYS changing and breaking something after new Woo or WP updates, which is really annoying end users.
    Some of these 1 ratings are very disturbing, which scares the hell out of me for thinking of offloading this headache to my clients:

    So, please clarify exactly how the latest version of GeneratePress is “Woo ready.”
    In other words, can I install the Woo plugin, attach my PesaPal gateway to Woo, use GeneratePress and I’m done?? I don’t want a heavy setup.

    Thanks for GP Premium.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    GeneratePress simply adds the necessary features for WooCommerce templates to display properly.

    Some other themes add all kinds of bells and whistles specific to WC, but of course GP focuses more on keeping things light.

    WC is developed and supported by Automattic (group behind WordPress), so I think it’s trustworthy.

    When you have a plugin or theme that is that popular, 1 star ratings will come – I wouldn’t worry too much about those.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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