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    Is generate press wordsmith theme or any other generate press theme compatible with mediavine ads?

    Customer Support

    Hi Matt,

    Not sure about this, but I believe Mediavine requires specific widths for ad locations. For instance, we’ve had customers needing to set their sidebar to a width of 300px for Mediavine ads. If so, any template should be compatible with a little customization. Possibly, we’ll need some custom CSS, but we can help with this if needed.

    Example thread: https://generatepress.com/forums/topic/sidebar-width-need-quick-help/


    Thanks yea I just want to know ahead of time. My site is new. I have wordsmith theme. Also how do I add the following

    Categories, recent posts, and about me with a picture in the right side bar on front page?

    How do I add the about me with a picture at the bottom of each blog post?

    How do I add recent and next post at the bottom of each blog post?

    How do I get rid of the email side bar on the front page?


    Also I don’t want the mail chimp plug-in or lightweight social media icons plug-in because I don’t use email or social media. Can I opt out of those. Also can I get rid of the social media icons on the front page

    Customer Support

    1. You can use a Block Element for all of these. There’s a WordPress Category Block for the category list, you can use a GenerateBlocks Query Loop Block for recent Posts, and here’s a video tutorial sample of an about me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1E7zFl678kg

    2. Here’s a video you may refer to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x6CjGOyag

    3. You may use a Block Element – Post Navigation: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/block-element-post-navigation/

    4. Can you provide the link to your site for reference?

    5. Yes, you can remove those if you want. You can delete the Social Media icons in Appearance > Widgets > Top Bar.

    Side note: For different inquiries, kindly start a new topic. This is mainly to avoid confusion if a different Support Agent will be needing to attend to your issue.



    Customer Support

    Edit the Front Page, and the remove this: [mc4wp_form id="201"] from the Container Block in the right.

    Example: https://share.getcloudapp.com/BluWG85E


    ok ill try it thanks


    How do i get rid of the logo and just replace it with words. i do not want a logo and its not letting me just use the name of my site. it wants me to put a logo


    i cant find the elements page also in wp

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    go to Customizer > Site Identity.
    Enter your Site Title.
    Uncheck the Hide Site Title.

    Remove the Logo.
    Note – if the logo still displays temporarily add an image to the Logo and the Retina Logo. Publish the changes and then delete the logos.


    thanks david now to show at the top about home and contact i have to click menu then all 3 drop down. how do i get rid of this to make all 3 appear across the top


    how do i get rid of the image on the front of the site and add my own. sorry im new to all this and its very confusing


    i deleted the widget where it says want to stay in touch but when i go into the site again to customize it its still there. then i go back to widgets and its still there like i never erased it

    Customer Support

    For the Menu – do you always want to show the three menu items in a row? even on mobile?
    if so:

    1. Go to Customizer > Layout > Primary Navigation and set the Mobile Menu Breakpoint to 0

    For the Main image you can edit the Homepage and change that Container Blocks background – see here:


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