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    I do hope that this problem I am having is related to GeneratePress. Here is the problem description:

    I have two WordPress sites: one hosted on my Windows Workstation using Docker (as described here: https://docs.docker.com/compose/wordpress/) and the other one hosted at Digital Ocean. The first one is used for experimentation and the second one is meant to be used to deploy the results of the experimentation.

    Being under the impression that both sites are configured identically, I am trying to explain the difference between the headers of both apps. Since this tool is not as convenient as GitHub’s issue editor, please see the rest of my question at https://github.com/adriatic/screenshots/issues/27


    David Customer Support

    Hi there,

    on your local install, did you install one of the Sites from the GP Site Library, as that looks like the Spacious Site is being used. Let me know.



    Thank you David for this hint – it doesn’t seem to be the case(I did not even enable the Elements functionality) – see this screenshot https://github.com/adriatic/screenshots/issues/27#issuecomment-483281961


    David Customer Support

    The Site Library and Elements are two different things. You’re local install looks like the Spacious Site:


    Did you import a Site from the library?



    Sorry for mixing up Elements and Site Library – it was more likely a typing error as I obviously know the difference. Please check my most current response here

    I want the simple elegant menubar that is used on my local site – and I do not remember how I made it 🙂


    David Customer Support

    If you go to Appearance > GeneratePress you can export all your current settings on your Local Site.
    Then simply import them to your live site.



    God bless your heart David – this is sooo obvious and simple that I cannot wait to see what caused this silly issue that costs me a day :-). Indeed before I do what you suggested, I will export all settings from both sites and compare the results. That will teach me something more about this issue.

    Thanks a lot

    Regards, Nik



    Hi David

    I can confirm that your advice (to export my GP settings from the site that “I like” and import it to the site I want to look the way I like) works flawlessly. To prove that I created a fresh new WP site where I only added GeneratePress theme and plugin and imported the chosen settings (a .json file. Before the import, the site looked like this screenshot.This means that the default GP rendering of the menubar is that “ugly” one and that I must have imported the whole site as my start.

    Your reference to the Spacious site seems almost accurate (as my site shows the menubar, while Spacious site shows the “hamburger”.

    Thanks again for your help



    David Customer Support
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