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Hi Jamal,

Everything’s back to normal, and you were outright spot on:

I added this CSS in Simple-CSS plugin:

.div-centered {
    text-align: center;

Introduced this code in [Before Header] hook:

<div class="div-centered">
[soliloquy id="397"]

And the banner is now displayed perfectly centered, no issues whatsoever:

All trouble was due to my blunder when placing the code in the wrong place. Talked to Soliloquy Plugin owners, they offered to kindly test any conflict between plugins, and Custom-PHP turned out to generate issues with Soliloquy. But that wasn’t actually it, but my confusion with the code I had introduced in it.

My apologies, you were obviously right from the very beginning. Thanks so much, I very much appreciate your so kind attentions 🙂