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    Just purchased ElementorPro and GPP a couple days ago and I’m completely stumped. Something isn’t adding up. Don’t know if it’s a GP or E issue:

    Q: Can I remove the widgets/sidebar thing altogether on my HOME page (and maybe landing pages in the future), but still keep it on my other content pages & posts? It seems to be all pages or no pages…hope not or GPP won’t work for me.

    Hoping you’re not gonna tell me it’s something that needs a CSS/PHP/HTML gobbledeeguk — I’m a TOTAL newbie, and bought GPP precisely because ElementorPro videos say it’s able to be used “right out of the gate” but my site looks NOTHING like your full-width GPP Page with the Red, Blue and Black boxed sections that I ordered from 🙁 This one: PREMIUM

    Like I said, I don’t mind if the other content/post pages have the sidebar I just don’t want that look for my front page…


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    Hi Connie – changing Layout within the Customiser such as removing / changing sidebars will have a global affect on the site. However, in the wordpress page/post editor you will see several additional meta boxes including Side Bar Layout where you can change or remove them for that specific page.
    Their are other meta boxes that allow you to change the footer arrangement, disable elements and set the page container sizes all of which will only apply to that page.


    Helpful David! Thnx 🙂 So follow up question to anyone using Elementor or Pro version: if after I make those MetaBox changes, and save that page as a Template in Elementor, when I import the page template next time, will I need to deselect those Meta changes again…? Or would I maybe need something like Anywhere Elementor to accomplish that ‘automation’…?

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    Lead Developer

    You would likely need to re-select those meta box options.

    However, you can use a plugin like this to duplicate the entire page (meta box options included): https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/duplicate-post/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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