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    Hi GP,

    My site’s been getting white screen of death almost once daily 3-6 minutes each time. (1 month now)

    Problem started after migrating to SG and installed SG Optimizer plug-in.

    After contacting SG during each time it’s down. We’re unable to replicate the problem.

    SG is assuming the plugin or theme is the culprit.

    I don’t think it’s GP since I had no problems for 2 months up until last month’s SG migration.

    I’m hoping GP has a different take on this problem.

    Current Plugins:
    Akismet Anti-Spam
    Elementor (free)
    GDPR Cookie Consent Banner
    GeneratePress Premium
    Jetpack by WordPress.com Premium
    OptinMonster API
    Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails
    SG Optimizer
    WP Show Posts
    WPForms Lite
    Yoast SEO (Free)

    Thank you

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    It’s unlikely that GP is the culprit as we haven’t had other reports on this.

    Did SG support provide any specific reasons why they think it’s the theme?

    Have you tried disabling all plugins except GP Premium to test if the problem still exists?


    Hi Leo,

    SG said most server error will show an error code. Since it didn’t, they believe it’s a conflict the theme or plugin.

    My next step is testing your method of disabling all plugins except GP Premium.

    In which order should I reactive each plugin to be efficient?

    Customer Support

    In which order should I reactive each plugin to be efficient?

    Shouldn’t matter.

    Be sure to first confirm that the issue doesn’t exist when all other plugins are disabled.

    Then you can reactivate them one by one until the issue shows again.


    I went off course and had to try disabling SG Optimizer first. Did not resolve issue.

    I will now disable all plugins except GP Premium and reactive each one.

    Will keep you posted. Hopefully it can help others who’s encountering the same problem in future.

    Customer Support


    Keep us posted 🙂


    Currently reactivated each plugin daily: Elementor, showpost, activity log, monster insight, wp forms, and yoast

    The site has not went down since. And is actually quicker, from grade D to B on pingdom.

    During this process, deactivating Jetpack seem to have speed up my site.

    Still have few more plugins to really determine the cause.

    For expires headers, what are some solutions you recommend?


    Customer Support

    We definitely don’t like Jetpack.

    This might help for expired headers:

    Should be able to find lots of articles on Google explaining the warning as well 🙂


    I’ve read Tom’s solution, but I’m not sure how to locate the column in finding the image.

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