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    I actually think it would be beneficial, so I’m happy to do it.

    Peak is using a Header Element for that hero: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/header-element-overview/

    If you want to use a basic image, you can delete that Element (Home Page Hero) completely (Appearance > Elements), and then add your image to the top of your content.


    Using the peak template, I have two questions.

    1- Under the Elements, Home Page Hero section I removed the HTML (leaving the h and p brackets or else the entire section goes away if I remove the HTML tags) and added an image from the options on that page. I see the image but it uses the entire width of the page. I’d like to have the image stay as wide as the rest of the website.

    2- I’m not sure how to edit the 3 sections titled Blog About Contact and the respective buttons. I don’t see them as widgets after checking to make sure that edit options are not available under the customize theme section.


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    1. Instead of using an Element, have you considered using a Featured Image? Trash the Header Element, and then go to “Pages” and open the “Home” page. In the right sidebar, you’ll see a “Featured Image” option where you can upload your static image.

    2. On the same page you’re editing above, you’ll see those 3 sections ready to be changed.

    Also, I’ll have the demo site ready to be imported today 🙂


    1. Ok, I will try that.

    2. I did see the pages (before I posted my question), but when I clicked on one of the pages that correspondes with with one of the sections I’m trying to edit, I added a 1 after the word Blog and saved the page and tried refreshing the site to see if the 1 popped up to confirm I was working in the correct section, I didn’t see the 1. I also don’t see the latin/default text in order to edit, which also confirmed that I was in the wrong area (or what I thought was the wrong area).

    Thanks for the demo page, do you have to push an update to the template for all users of gp premium to see the demo site?

    Edit- Ok, clicking on the Home page shows the 3 sections, I was clicking on the pages titled Blog, About, Contact…..That explains why I wasn’t initially seeing the 3 sections to edit.

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    Lead Developer

    2. That’s strange – did you import multiple sites? Maybe there’s more than one home page? Is there more than one page named “Home” in the Pages area?

    No, we can add sites without pushing an update. However, we’ll likely have this one as a function you add to your site. So I can provide a snippet of code that you add to your site (copy + paste), and then it will show up only for you (if you still want it).


    2. Yes, I’ve tried many sites/templates/etc. I also tried wiping and starting over, it is possible that maybe one of the last attempts didn’t remove everything or I added a site after a clean wipe of WP and switched back to generate press premium.

    Yes, I’d still like the demo site code, not sure how my manual tweaks will turn out, I’m sure that I’m not going the cleanest job of making these changes. We’ll see.


    I’ve replaced the titles Blog, Contact, etc… with ‘inline’ images. I see the images but adding align=”middle” in the HTML section doesn’t change the alignment, it still aligns to the left.

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    Lead Developer

    You shouldn’t need to add inline images – just a regular Image Block should do. Then it has alignment controls directly in the block controls so you can align it to the center.

    To import the demo, we need to add this function to the site:

    add_filter( 'generate_add_sites', function( $sites ) {
    	$sites['Demo'] = array(
    		'name'			=> 'Demo',
    		'directory' 	=> 'https://gpsites.co/files/demo',
    		'preview_url'	=> 'https://gpsites.co/demo',
    		'author_name'	=> 'GeneratePress',
    		'author_url'	=> 'https://generatepress.com/',
    		'description'	=> 'The simple demo in our free theme screenshot.',
    		'page_builder'	=> array(
    			'name' => 'No Page Builder',
    			'slug' => 'no-page-builder',
    		'min_version' => '1.8',
    	return $sites;
    } );

    If you want to use it, I would do this:

    1. Reset your site. I go over how to do this in this video: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/using-the-site-library/

    2. Add the Code Snippets plugin, and paste the code above into a new snippet. More info here: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/adding-php/

    3. Activate GP Premium and the Site Library module. Now the “Demo” site will exist in the library.

    If you’d like me to add the code snippet for you once you reset the site, just let me know and send me temporary access to the site through our contact form: https://generatepress.com/contact


    Wow, that’s a lot of stuff I need to read through. Why not make it available as a template like the other sites? I’ll go back and read what you typed, but I wanted to give an update regarding your suggestion about the inline image. I opted for that since it appeared to be an easy/quick way to get the image to show up above the text, in place of the title. In order to do what you suggest, do I need to delete anything? When you say image block, is that something I’m adding? Regardless, as I was looking at the image options, I missed the align text option on the right side of the page. Clicking that to center aligned the imaged where I wanted it. However, that option doesn’t come up unless the specific item is clicked/selected, which is why I most likely didn’t see it when I first added the image.

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    Lead Developer

    Mainly because it’s not a full site yet, and it hasn’t been requested a lot. This way people can install it if they want to for now until we’re able to build it out as a full site.

    If you reset your site, I’m happy to install the snippet and make it so the site is available to import for you.

    Yes, you’d need to add an Image Block above the headings. It might be worth looking over some Gutenberg tutorials – it’s a new editor, but it’s very powerful once you start to get the hang of it.


    I’ve done a lot of edits to get where I’m at, which I’m sure is 5 min worth of edits for an experienced user. I’m going to keep what I have, for now, I don’t want to reset.

    Thanks for your help so far, I appreciate it.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    No problem – let me know if you need any more help 🙂

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