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    As we are looking at two images (you are looking at the one on the copy site ‘wp’). However I have amended the image on the ‘live’ site. If I delete the image I have changed and upload a new image, surely the image you are looking at will still be there??

    Don’t have I have to delete the other image from the database? Can I do that in cPanel?

    I don’t think I was working on a staging site. It’s the first website I’ve done myself so not very techy sorry.


    David Customer Support

    Aah ok, now i understand, on your live site you need to add the image from the main directory ie:


    not the /wp/wp-content directory.
    This copied directory is causing the confusion. I would suggest not using this and ask your host about Staging 🙂



    I think the live site it right. I don’t use the ‘wp’ site. I don’t even know how to access it.

    I don’t need a staging site now as the website is complete. I will make sure I do that in the future if I do another site (every day is a school day).

    So…..how do I delete this large image? I’ve logged into cPanel File Manager and I can see the path but not the images?? Arrrrgh!

    I think it’s the duplicate site causing the issues, but what do I know 🙂


    David Customer Support

    Hi Jo, return to your website and edit the page where the image has been added. Go to the Text editor (Not the visual). And you will see the URL for the image, just change the image URL to that one above.



    I think that’s done.


    David Customer Support

    Hi Jo, still not seeing it. Would you mind providing me with admin access to the site?
    If so you can send the user id / password via the Pre-sales form here:




    OK – sent that. Do I need to log out?


    David Customer Support

    Thanks Jo, no you can remain logged in. If you can not be editing any pages or anything whilst i test it out.



    I won’t do anything.

    I see you are in Gosport! I’m used to dealing with someone in Canada. It’s great to have UK customer support 🙂


    David Customer Support

    Hi Jo, so image is updated and Autoptimize is back on.

    Good news is page size is half of what it was now a meagre 1.09meg. And requests are down to a nice level. Only F rating left on GT Metrix is Image compression. You could save about 70kb (of the 90kb) stated. In the grand scheme of things this is negligible. We’re talking milliseconds over the average internet connection.

    The bad news is the site still takes about 8 seconds to load. Of which 5.1 seconds is the Time to First Byte. This is the time that Server is taking to respond when a user visits your site. This is something the host should now investigate for you.


    David Customer Support

    Ha ha yes i am in the UK (nowhere near Gosport though 🙂 )



    Hi David,

    Thank you so much for your help. I will go back to the host (tomorrow as I’ve got a headache now haha).

    Wordfence dedected Gosport, don’t know where it got that from.

    I will come back to you if I get no joy from the host. They seem to like blaming the developer!

    Many thanks



    David Customer Support

    Aah yes, Gosport seems its more than a shipping port 🙂 UK is a small place some – i am in one of the other shires.

    Let us know what the host says.



    Hi David,

    So as I guessed, the host says it’s the optimization of the site! They say it’s probably the plugins causing the issues and I should deactivate any that are not necessary.

    The host also said I am on a share server and suggested I upgrade to VPS. Hmmmmmm?

    Sorry to throw this back at you – what are your thoughts?






    Did you receive my message yesterday?



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