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    Hi there,
    on June3 (see above) you helped me to get in touch with your theme. The mentioned problems are solved. Nevertheless, your theme offers so much possibilities that in the meantime, I was a little bit “lost in paradise”. So I decided to get familiarized with the theme in a more systematic manner. Some questions:

    (I) File management – Storage

    At the very beginning, I created and activated succesfully a child theme. I suggested that all changes made would be stored in the style.css of the child theme. But there has nothing changed. On June 3, you advised me to create a hook and to remove the original title with a snippet in order to change the title lengh, which worked very well. Then I decided to choose the ‘artisan” template. I was suprised that the changes made before were still working although the hook and the snipped had disappeared. So I’d like to know a little bit more what ist going on there.

    Within the template, the Headers seem to have a fixed value and color. I tried to change the colour but the changes in the backend had no effect. May this be caused by the above mentioned exchange of the headers?

    Then I started to customize the Layout of the site. As I am not a designer I couldn’t realy dedide what is appropiate. In the documentation you advise our customers too choose up to 2000 px. Most designers here in Germany advise not to go beyond 1280px. In fact, if I enlarge the borders of the site-container, pages with small content don’t look very nice. And if I enlarge the size of the typography, that’s not comfortable on small screens, so longer words (which occur often in german language) can not be read in full length.
    To be short, I wonder how to find a good relation between width of the site-container, content of the page, typography and the different devices.

    Thank you in advance for your patience,

    GeneratePress 2.1.2
    GP Premium 1.6.2
    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    (I) The templates from site library are actually child themes so it would replace the existing child theme you created including the CSS and snippets that were in there. You’d need to re-add the snippets to the newly imported templates.

    (II) The current header (logo and phone number part) is actually built with the top bar. You can change the color in Colors > Top Bar.

    (III) This is really just personal preference. I’m not familiar with German language so can’t provide opinions on this. I think the best way is to find a few example sites that you like and see what font size and container they are using. We can help identifying.

    Let me know if this helps or if I miss something 🙂


    Hi, there,
    thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really help. One reason may be my horrible english.

    (I) I would really like to know where the changes are stored because I would like to save them for not make all the changes several times. (a) Before I changed the template nor the hook and the content of the snippet neighter any changes created by css-editor site-origin where listet in style.css of the child theme. (b) As I described the header alignement works fine with the new template without having re- integrated the changes made before.

    (II) The site-inspector of firefox returns for the title header (home-page: Führungs-Coach | Führung | Coaching | Mediation):
    (a) html: “ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined” (b) css: }
    .page-header-content-container h1, .page-header-content-container h2, .page-header-content-container h3, .page-header-content-container h4, .page-header-content-container h5 {
    color: #4d535e;
    I do not want to change the colour of the top bar.

    (III) You are right, that’s a question on personal preference. Perhaps I do not understand very good the relation between site-container and body content. Sometimes, it is fine to use full width p.ex for mansory purposes. But if the container width is large, I have to use spacing other parts of the page, which causes problems using smaller displays. Acutally you can see that effect in the footer.

    I appreciate very much your comments,


    Just another annotation to III (above)

    Part the problem is perhaps that in the backend, I find possibilities to change the limits of: site-container, …., footer, but nothing for the body. (full-whidth – boxed style?


    sorry, Leo, but another problem occured:
    On the “home”-page, I installed a slider with Master Slider. In the preview / customer view all is fine, but it is not published. Hope you have any idea about this issue. Thanks,

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    1. The Site Library sites aren’t actually child themes. They’re simply a collection of database options which make up the look and content of your site. As long as your changes were stored in the style.css and functions.php files in your child theme, they shouldn’t have been affected by installing a Site Library site.

    2. I’m not sure I understand. You’re not able to change the color of the header with the logo in it? It should all be set through “Customize > Colors > Header”. It looks like you actually added your logo to the Top Bar, which can edited in Customize > Colors > Top Bar as Leo mentioned above.

    3. I’d like to add a separate option for the content width, especially when no sidebar is set. Sometimes it’s better for readability to have a narrow content area. Let me know if you need help with the CSS for this.

    4. Master Slider isn’t working because jQuery hasn’t been added to the page. This is likely a bug in Master Slider, as they’re assuming jQuery is already included (it isn’t). You might want to report this to them, as they need to add it as a dependency.


    Hi there, Tom,
    it is really great that you answer the questions very quickly.
    (I) I installed a child theme in the very beginning. At no time there was stored anything.
    (II) I do not mean the phone number part. With your help I changed the H1 Heading = the page titles by installing a hook and deleting the existing page title. So actually, changes in the backend have no effect at all.
    (III) As I have absolutely no css-experience, help would be appreciated very much.
    (IV) Could you please tell me which slider works pretty well with your theme? Master Slider was simply the first slider I found in the web. The theme ‘Blue Diamond’ which I used before had a very powerful build-in-slider.

    Thanks a lot,

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    1. What exactly was lost? The Site Library only makes library changes, it’s not aware of a child theme existing at all.

    2. Ah, the H1 inside your Page Header will inherit the text color you have set in your Page Header settings. Is that not working?

    3. Perhaps something like this will work (if I’m understanding correctly):

    .no-sidebar .site-main {
        max-width: 800px;
        margin-left: auto;
        margin-right: auto;

    4. Any well coded slider that’s built to work with any theme will work with GP. Meta Slider and Smart Slider 3 are both popular options.


    Hi, Tom,
    thx for your answer.
    (I) storage: I simply would like to understand where (in witch files) changes will be stored. I have learned that a child theme is necessary (a) to preserve changes after updates (b) to avoid corrupting the theme itself if something goes wrong. So, by the plugin ‘child theme configurator’ I generated a child theme assuming that all changes would be stored there in the style.css. The child theme is in my theme folder and I have chosen it. I made changes that you advised me to do (Hooks) but I also made some changes with css-Editor ‘site origin’. This plugin told me that the changes made are directly written in the source code, but as this code – as far as I know – gets its informations from different files, I wonder where all these changes are stored if not in the child theme css-files.

    Concerning the changements made for the PageTitles I wondered that they had dissapeared after installing a new template but the changes worked further on. Leo told me that I had to reinstall them – but why? And if the changements work, where are they stored? And if one day it should be necessary to reinstall all changes made before I would have to know where they are stored (my brain is too old to keep all that suff in mind ;-))

    (II) I don’t know if the page header infects the page title. The changements (hook, snipped) concerned the titles of each page. After the changes made whith the hooks and snippet, it is not possible to adress any changes to the page-title in the backend (I assume because they had been erased by the snippet).

    (III+IV) Thanks, I will try it later on.

    (V) Yesterday, it occured another problem which I sent to the support team. (My site is dancing!) Would be nice to find a solution as well. Thx,



    ad3: I tried it out – perfect, thanks!


    Hi there,
    in addition to what we talked about concerning changements of the page-headings I would like to inform you that for validation I bought the css-editor Yellow Pencil (Avarto). I can make changes to the page-headings, but after having them saved, there is no effect at all.
    So, there seems to exist an invisible impact to the changes made before (hooks/snippet).
    What’s to do?
    Thanks once more,

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    1. The Site Library doesn’t store any changes within files. Everything is inside the database. Changes to file would come when you manually edit them (adding CSS, functions etc..), or if you use a plugin which writes to them. Nothing in GP changes child theme files for you.

    The CSS I provided above isn’t working? Does the page you’re looking at have a sidebar?


    Hi, there,
    No, Tom, as I wrote yesterday, the css works very well, thanks.
    But: Changes of the page title have no effect. The problem occured since I made these changes you advised me by adding a hook and deleting the original title header with a snippet. Nor the hook neither the snippet seem to exist any longer after installing the new template.

    I installed a visual css-plugin to verify this. It doesn’t work. In the visual editor changes a visible, but they are not stored. Sorry for beeing persistant.



    ….. the hook and the snippet .. Nevertheless they work. (The page title is above body and sidebar.)

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Can you link me to the post where I suggested removing the title and adding it via a hook? I want to see why it would stop working.

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