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    Hi there, greetings from the very heart of SE Asia, Phnom Penh.
    Bought your GP Premium package 8 months ago and this is the first time I need help… pretty neat, you’re the reason I start to believe in Intelligent Design.
    Anyway, I’m desperately seeking for a way to vary the secondary navigation of selected pages. Never fully understood why we can’t vary the Secondary Navigation as it sort of makes more sense.
    I run an online school and have 3 main sections: Academy, Tutoring and Community. In the Academy, given the sheer number of possible combinations: subjects (Voice Training, Pronunciation, Grammar,..); levels (beginner, intermediate); lesson types (video, audio, live presentation); self-paced courses, webinars, etc organization of the subject matter is a constant worry (read: nightmare). So, I’m looking for a good, stable, lightweight, versatile solution to vary the secondary menu on selected pages. PHP code snippets used in hooks perhaps? I know of the existence of Ubermenu type plugins and the lot but they are an overkill and partially (in our experience at least) not that reliable.
    I really like the look, ease and of course the speed of the secondary menu in GP. Any solution, suggestion, snippets, plugins you’d recommend?
    Thx for all the good work. Really love the theme. Testing the new alpha version: a GODSEND!

    GeneratePress 1.3.48
    GP Premium 1.3.1
    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    Are you wanting to display different menu items on select pages?


    Yes, correct.
    Main menu the same on all pages but the secondary nav should vary.
    We’re taking the site to GeneratePress right now (from Total Theme).
    Have a look: http://www.fdz.academy
    Splash screen says access disabled but you can get in.

    So I would like:
    Academy Tutoring Community
    Sev Nav 1 Sec Nav 2 Sec Nav 3

    Easy Peasy? Any code snippets? Solution?

    Thx in Advance

    Customer Support

    It only adds conditional logic to a menu item.
    I know it.
    It works very well.
    The only GIGANTIC problem is that if you want to “manage” the visibility of you menuS with it you theorically can but it fast will become a HUGE menu.
    So out of the question.
    Besides it clashes sometimes with the ULTIMATE MEMBER conditional logic.

    Did you understand what I want?

    If not read the above again, slowly, and propose some kind of solution.
    Ver, very hard for me to believe that this kind of problem hasn’t been dealt with before.

    All the best,

    Customer Support

    As someone interested in the topic of page dependent navigation, i was looking at this from two angles (I’m prepared to be shot down in flames as i’m always grateful of new knowledge):

    1. Create a single long menu containing all of the pages that would be required throughout the site.
    Then apply CSS to show/hide menu items accordingly on each page.
    2. Register new menu locations in WP, hook them into the secondary navigation menu and then selectively disable on a per page basis.

    Customer Support

    Hi there, David,
    THX 4 U input.

    Very possible.
    Hard, if not impossible to maintain.

    As you may have read in the first part of the thread, my website is a school and had a rather complex kind of navigational stucture (about 370 nav items).

    Sort of nightmarrish…

    Anyway, if you come across something that may help… every lttle helps…

    All the best!

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    Lead Developer

    There’s also this one: https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/conditional-menus/

    It’s not an easy thing to do, as that’s not how menus were intended to be used when WordPress created the menu system. So it’s best to try out each of the listed plugins and find the one that works best for you.

    If none of them work for you, you might have to get a plugin built specifically for your needs.


    Hi again, Frank here with… good news!
    It appears that the SevenSpark Menu Swapper plugin does the trick.
    It also uses the SevenSpark logic… which is good.
    THX for the help!
    PS I’ve posted some more menu problems in a different thread, please have a look.

    Customer Support
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