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[Support request] __masonry load-more Stopped. for past 7 days.

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    terry gene

    I had content issues, so it took me 7 days to get to the debug mode.

    I deactivated all plugins 100%, and it doesn’t help.

    I am using latest GP Premium. I had mine set to most recent post>medium and the rest of the posts>small. Now, when masonry is enabled, all blog excerpt boxes are the same size, I have two columns and the load more text message is missing. The blog also doesn’t load anymore excerpts beyond the first 10. I have been using WP latest load

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    That sounds weird. We haven’t received any reports on this.

    Any chance you can link us to the page? Thanks!

    terry gene

    sorry, here it is.

    terry gene

    I am on BlueHost Prime WP.

    These are my latest settings.
    I’ve reactivated Jet Pack. This is an active site so I can’t go off-line for extended periods.

    However, I’ve de-activated all the nice-to-have plugins that affect rendering. like frame-buster, the lazy loads, JSON stuff, etc.
    I’ve wp-optimized, and cleared all the wp-cache.
    Also, I’ve set ‘featured image’ to not display on front page.

    here is the ‘inspect’

    <div class="masonry-load-more load-more">
    		<a href="#">more articles</a>

    clicking on the button gets me to which is a spinning icon until I delete the tab.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    You have quite a few javascript errors:

    You’ll need to find out which plugin is causing the errors with masonry (which is a script provided by WP, nothing custom).

    First, I would clear your caching plugin and deactivate it completely.

    Then deactivate each plugin one by one until it starts working.

    If the site has a lot of traffic, you’ll want to copy it over to a staging server to do these tests.

    terry gene

    from the my first post. “I deactivated all plugins 100%, and it doesn’t help.”
    what would be the method of resolution when I already deactivated all the plug-ins, twice. with no affect on the problem?
    update: is interesting. It complains about a non-existent button tied to a non-existent plugin.
    ran out of things to de-activate. Including GPPremium. The next-page works, but of course, there’s no ‘load more.’
    reactivated Premium. problem returns.
    According to bluehost, there is NO cache.
    next idea? help!

    Customer Support

    I would take Tom’s suggestion – copying the site over to a staging server, clear caching plugin and deactivate it first, then deactivate other plugins one by one.

    GP shouldn’t be the problem, otherwise we would be getting lots of report on this.

    Let us know 🙂

    terry gene

    please look at what I wrote. there is nothing left to do.
    1. I’ve cleared cache 7 times, reported that 3 times here. How many times do I need to clear cache?
    2. I’ve deactivated ALL plugins twice, reported both times here.

    Customer Support

    I understand.

    But it’s very hard for us to tell what the problem is without seeing the page with all plugins disabled.

    Are you able to copy the site to a staging server and go through the process again and link us to the page once everything is disabled?


    terry gene

    I contacted my WP hosting service, BlueHost. They don’t know what you are asking for.
    Without their help, I don’t know what a staging server is.

    terry gene

    I’ve escalated with BlueHost, giving them your company/theme as ref, and asking their assistance to troubleshoot the theme. Waiting for their response.

    terry gene

    update: confirmed via Filezilla that there are No cache files.
    update: I re-installed WP 4.8.1
    update: only the theme and GPremium are active.

    Customer Support

    Looking better.

    Any custom function? Here is what I still see:

    Something to do with Microsoft Translator?

    terry gene

    escalation at BlueHost worked. is the staging sub-domain. BH couldn’t tell me how you would do the troubleshooting.

    terry gene

    I can log-in, but /wp-admin gets caught in the auto-redirect to
    so I can’t check anything.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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