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    1. How to make layout for category pages and blog pages like this ?

    2. How to make widget recent post on sidebar has underline ?

    Pict 1 & 2 : https://prnt.sc/108pemf

    3. Why size category pages and blog pages is not same with single post size ?
    single post less from category / blog pages.

    Pict category width pages : https://prnt.sc/108pgup
    Pict single post width pages : https://prnt.sc/108phdq

    4. How to add author box after content in single pages ?
    like this : https://prnt.sc/108phuu
    url : kuotabro,com/mifi-terbaik-dan-tercepat/
    *change comma with dot

    5. How to add search button on category pages like kuotabro,com/hardware

    6. How to add share button and Related Post with thumbnail like this ?
    pict : https://prnt.sc/108pk8o
    live url : gpresstheme,com/generatepress-review/


    Hi, please reply my ticket

    Customer Support

    Hi Fajri,

    As I replied in your another topic, let’s handle one to two questions per topic.

    1. Uncheck the Display posts in columns box at Customizing > Layout > Blog > Columns so that the articles will be displayed in 1 column.

    Go to Customizing> Layout > Sidebars > Blog Sidebar Layout, choose content/ sidebar.

    2. You’ll need some CSS to achieve the dotted bottom border. Here’re some basic border CSS you can learn from:

    Please open new topics for other questions, thanks for your cooperation!


    I’ve follow your suggest for number 1.
    But that not changed

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    can you share a link to the site you want to make those changes to.



    The style site not like /kuotabro,com/games/

    *changes comma with dot

    Customer Support

    First you need to set the Customizer > Layout > Container to Separate Containers and adjust its padding.

    Then go to Customizer > Layout > Blog >> Archive and set the Post Meta eg. author etc you want displayed. Then down to Featured Images >> Archive and uncheck: Display padding around images

    Once thats done let us know and ill provide the CSS for the remaining styling.


    I’ve do it.
    I see, my blog pages messy.

    After this, what will i do ?

    Customer Support

    You need to do:

    First you need to set the Customizer > Layout > Container to Separate Containers and adjust its padding.


    Oke, i’ve do that.

    Next step ?

    Customer Support

    Change the Body Background Color to a lighter grey.
    Then in Customizer > layout > container increase the separating space to increase the gap around the posts. And increase the top and bottom padding.
    Then add this CSS for the rounded corners:

    body:not(.single) .inside-article {
      border-radius: 10px;
      overflow: hidden;

    I’ve input the code in additional css.
    But the style is not the same

    Customer Support

    The css is working, you can’t see them because your body background color is the same as your content background color.

    I simulated it in developer tool when you change your body background color to grey.

    In order to make featured image show full width, go to Customizing > Layout > Blog >Featured Images , uncheck Display padding around images box.


    But i’ve a problem.

    Width on single post not same with Category / Blog Pages

    Pict category pages : https://prnt.sc/10ax8ew
    Pict single post : https://prnt.sc/10ax8xc

    How to set width of single post same with category pages ?

    Customer Support

    It seems coming from a layout element.

    Go to appearance > elements, check if there’s a layout element assigned to single post which set the content width to 800px. Simply disable it will fix the issue.

    Let me know 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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