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    Hello GP team!

    Loving the 2.0 changes btw, excellent work.

    As an integrator, I’m curious about how much preparations are being made for Gutenberg? I’m looking to use GeneratePress as the primary theme for my clients for a few reasons:

    • The minimal, yet flexible, design
    • The very customizable customixzer
    • The attention to detail and care about performance

    Clearly, the big looming question is when Gutenberg becomes core, what’s going to happen to themes, plugins, shortcodes, menus, widgets, etc…

    Is there somewhere I can see GP’s roadmap about Gutenberg stuff? Or maybe help participate in some testing? I’m testing the plugin now and would be more than willing to install test versions of GP to help.

    I’ve searched the forums for Gutenberg related stuff, and I can see you’ve been hinting about working on Gutenberg support. That makes me more comfortable to recommend GeneratePress to my clients.

    Are you planning to support Gutenberg the moment it becomes core? Or will there be a lag time to catch up? What sorts of things are you looking at offering?


    GeneratePress 2.0

    Tom Lead Developer

    Hi Chad,

    Absolutely! GP should already be perfectly compatible with Gutenberg.

    The only issue we have right now is with the Sections module, which isn’t compatible. We’ll be re-writing that module to work within Gutenberg, which will be great.

    All in all, we’ll be working very hard to make working with Gutenberg and GP as seamless as possible 🙂



    Thanks, Tom!

    What about things like the multi-column blocks? I believe GP uses the Unsemantic CSS framework. Some added blocks to handle layout the GP way may be needed.

    Also in Gutenberg, there’s the “full-width” option for images. Support for that is inside the theme. Will GP have support for full-width images?

    If you don’t mind, as I learn more about Gutenberg I’ll drop some other things in here that may impact GP. 🙂

    Thanks again!


    Tom Lead Developer

    GP will likely go with a simple flexbox/CSS grid option for the columns if Gutenberg doesn’t have something built in.

    The full width image thing will need to be added to the theme – we’ll look at that.

    Feel free to drop more questions and feedback – it’s appreciated 🙂



    Perfect. I’ll keep digging into the Gutenberg stuff. Particularly the grid/layout stuff… and how themes should be prepared. I’d prefer the theme handle the layout stuff, but I know Gutenberg has the two column text block, which means it is adding something to the mix.

    Another thing that jumped out at me, and I haven’t gotten 100% confirmation from WP core, is if shortcodes will be completely deprecated. All indications are yes, eventually they will be, in favor of using blocks for everything.

    I’ll keep the Gutenberg stuff coming. Helping you helps me. 🙂




    I just watched the Page Header addon video. Looks really cool!

    Do you think Gutenberg will impact this?

    Maybe not the Gutenberg editor, but when the Gutenberg layout “customizer” comes later in the year?

    Just something to be prepared for… I think Gutenberg has its sights set on any/all of the page builder-esque plugins/add-ons out there. 😉


    Tom Lead Developer

    I don’t think the Page Header will be affected – it simply hooks into the page.

    How deep Gutenberg goes will depend on the theme. How many re-usable blocks are added etc..

    GP will have complete control 🙂



    FYI…When ever I use the GeneratePress theme with Gutenberg, the video embed block don’t function.
    Instead of loading the videos, only the URL for the videos is shown. If I switch back to the Twenty Seventeen theme then the video embeds work correctly ??? Videopress, wordpresstv and vimeo are the specific embeds I have been trying to use with GeneratePress.


    Tom Lead Developer

    I actually couldn’t get the video block to work in TwentySeventeen either. However, pasting the video URL into a paragraph block works as expected.

    I assume the video block is still kind of buggy and will be fixed.


    Cristo Rey

    Now that Gutenberg is becoming available, any suggestions? Personally I plan to wait a bit, but just wanted to see if you have any advice, especially as to how it will affect pages I have already created.


    Tom Lead Developer

    Everything should be perfectly compatible 🙂


    Cristo Rey

    Thanks, Tom. I assumed so, just wanted to be sure so my head does not explode.


    Tom Lead Developer

    Haha, nope – you should be safe 🙂



    I’ve been a WordPress developer for the past decade (prior to that, I worked exclusively with Dreamweaver) and I’ve been using GeneratePress for the last six months or so and have been very happy with it. I’m pretty much dreading Gutenberg after reading a lot of negative feedback from other developers. Part of the reason I chose GP instead of, say, BeaverBuilder or Divi is because I feel like it gives me the best of both worlds — I can use the customizer but I can also tinker with css and use the regular WP editor if I want. I haven’t tried Gutenberg yet, but since you’ve obviously been working hard on this, is this going to represent a huge change & learning curve for those of us who use GP Premium? Or will it give me pretty much the same user experience I have now? (Also, I want to say that your tutorials are AWESOME. They’re so short and to-the-point, instead of the usual 15-minute guy-narrating-over-demo ones that seem to predominate.)


    Tom Lead Developer

    Gutenberg is basically a more advanced content editor. You can ignore all the “fancy” blocks and just stick to paragraphs, just like you would in the current TinyMCE editor.

    It’s a learning curve, but people are freaking out a little more than they have to I think.

    That’s great to hear! Hoping to create many more soon 🙂

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