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[Resolved] GP Premium Update issue (Page Header)

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Home Forums Support GP Premium Update issue (Page Header)

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    Dear Tom, dear Leo,

    since the last update I have a strange result on my page header in the editor.

    Before the update my page header editor looked like this:

    View post on

    So I could edit the header and include videos.

    Now the page header editor looks like this:

    View post on

    And I can do nothing to edit the header.

    I urgently need to be able to edit the page header to include videos to postings.

    Please help asap.


    GP Premium 1.4.1
    Customer Support

    Hi Bert,

    The Page Header add-on was re-written.

    See the video here for a quick intro:

    You will now find a tab called Page headers in your Dashboard. The meta box in there are the same as before.

    Let me know if you need more info πŸ™‚


    Thank you Leo.

    I am using GP Premium now for less than a year (I guess since Nov.)
    The video you showed me is older than a year, but I understood what you tried to explain.

    The thing is, that until the last update (an hour ago) I was able to edit the header content directly in (below) the posting. Now I am not able to do this anymore, because I just can choose the header and thst’s it. Nothing happens. No edit possible…

    Hope I made the problem clear now.

    BTW: Is it possible to re-download the previous version of GP Premium so that I can continue to work?

    Thanks a million Leo

    Customer Support

    Hmm that video shouldn’t be a year old. You might need to clear browser cache.

    Or try this one here:

    If you go to your Dashboard, you will find a Page Headers tab now, in there you can create a new page header and apply it to your post. This is so it’s much easier to reuse the same page header on any pages.


    Yep. It is πŸ˜‰

    View post on

    However, as far as I understand now, the menue page header is for preconfiguered headers.
    That’s why I never used it. I use the page header to include videos to postings which are – of course – always different.

    If i would follow now the page header advice, I would have to edit a page header for let’s say videoxxxx and name the header videoxxxx and than go back to the posting and include that header to the posting.

    That’s not what I was used to and I don’t want to start this ;-))

    I was used that the editor appeard under the posting and I could edit the header exactly for the posting that I just created or that I am editing.

    And that’s the feature what is lost now.

    Unfortunatly I did not backup the previous theme and this change will probably be already included in the new download version.

    So I am stuck now….

    Thanks Leo.


    Hi Leo,

    I just found a workaround until the issue is solved.

    Installed the plugin “Duplicate Posts” and now I can duplicate a older video post and edit it with new content.

    Only new created posts have the missing header editor.

    So this might help me for a while and also may help you and tom to find the error easier.

    Take care and best regards,

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    The video is new – the old one was just replaced with the new video, so it says it’s a year old.

    You can bring the old meta box back like this:


    Thank you Tom.

    Added the given code from you to the functions.php and everything is perfectly back as usual now.

    Thanks Leo and Tom.

    Best regards,

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer
Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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