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    I have 2 Blog pages. Each one is a different Category.
    I want different Header Image for each Blog Page.

    The default site image is showing on both Blog pages, NOT the Custom Background image that I have selected.

    Please help.

    Note that current website does not show the Blogs, they are only on my local devel laptop.

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    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    So does the site you linked to not have these specific pages?

    When you say “the default site image”, what do you mean exactly?

    Have you created two separate Elements, one for each category?

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    Can you actually type your reply here in the forum topic so we can keep track of the issue better?

    We don’t need the admin credentials yet. Just the viewing access should do.



    Thanks for responding Tom & Leo.

    I have copied all my devel laptop work to LIVE website, for you to checkout.

    I have setup Element News Hero & Element Comments Hero (similar to what I did on all other Menu pages), but with these Blog “pages” the Background Image that I have Selected in Element-GUI is not showing. (as it does correctly for all my other Menu pages).

    But here, with Menus = News & Comments using Categories, instead of pointing to my own HTML Pages, its not working & I am confused.

    How do I create/reference any of MY formatting to create what you see below. I see nowhere to create custom classes or even HTML for Blogs ????

    My Site: http://www.cucme123.com

    I dont expect you to walk me through all this, please just point me to the 1st steps in dealing with my Blog pages & GeneratePress/Wordpress. I want to try and use the GeneratePress GUIs as much as possible, to avoid reinventing the wheel.
    This is the general look below that I am going for: 1)on the left is the News Blog Page (me talking to ALL),
    2)on the right (anyone talking to ALL): I am using unique Header Element Hero images to represent each Category(News, Comments).
    Then I am using unique images for each Sub-Category(Favorites, Under Construction, Suggestion, etc).


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    I’m looking at the Comments page and don’t see a page hero at all.

    What content have you added in the page hero content box?


    Thanks Leo,

    I’m currently working with News Page, there is content there… Can we just focus on News Page, for now… There is at least one News blog.

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    Right but we are talking about header element here right?

    What is in the content box of the header element that is supposed to show on the News page?

    What is the display rule set for?


    The News Hero Element LOCATION=”Post, Post Category” SUB-LOCATION=”News”

    This is part of what confuses me because I have never created a POST page Hero.

    All my other Element Heros (that are working fine) are LOCATION=Page. SUB-PAGE=”actual html file ref”

    All my other menu-pages (that are working) are actual HTML Pages that I created.

    This is my 1st Blog page!!! How do I setup a Blog Page Hero (or however its done within GeneratePress) to create the target Blog page picture I sent you (You asked me to communicate with you via this Forum Replay page, instead of via email–I am unable to paste here on your website, an image of the final Blog Page I am wanting!!!)

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    The News page is a category archive, so try selecting Post Category Archive > News in the display rules:


    Thanks Leo,
    I changed both News & Comments Elements “Display Rules” to location “as you suggested above” & IT WORKED.

    You said above “The News page is a category archive…” How did you know this, where can I find this info in the WP-Dashboard ????

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    I knew it by inspecting the code.

    You can tell as you didn’t actually build that page like a normal page – it’s a page automatically generated by WordPress.

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