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[Resolved] Customise options not showing

Home Forums Support [Resolved] Customise options not showing

Home Forums Support Customise options not showing

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    OPtions not showing so cannot customise. Had a history of trouble with this theme and the support help has never helped me. it’s supposed to be easy to use but I’m afraid it just isn’t. please refund as I have run our of patience with this theme

    thanks, iain

    GP Premium 1.6.2
    Rebecca Awe

    If you have properly installed the theme and go to the button “Appearance” in the WP Admin area on the left side, the word “Customize” should appear right under “Themes”.


    I’ve done that. It does not work.

    Had a similar experience with Divi a few years ago. the developer of the theme blames the plugins, the plugins blame the theme. the customer is left going wtf. Everything is else is working perfectly.

    As mentioned above, if you look back a my support history, I have repeated the same question many times and tried to explain in different ways but never had my problem solved. I also do not like having to talk to you in a forum.

    Refund, if you don’t mind please.


    By the way, the only option on the Customise page is: Widgets.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi Iain,

    Sorry you’re having trouble! We always do our best to help resolve any issues.

    This looks like your only other topic, which Leo tried to help with: https://generatepress.com/forums/topic/combining-logo-nav-bar-and-button-and-lose-all-header-title-other-post-stuff/

    After reading it, I believe the latest version of Elementor Pro might be exactly what you’re looking for? It has the capability to build global headers and footers.

    I just went to refund your purchase, but it looks like you purchased back in September of 2017. While our money back guarantee is 30 days, I usually don’t mind issuing a refund late. I’d rather you not feel like you wasted your money than keep the $40. However, PayPal won’t allow us to refund payments that old.

    By the way, the only option on the Customise page is: Widgets.

    This usually points to some sort of PHP error. It could be:

    a) Your PHP memory limit: https://docs.generatepress.com/article/increasing-php-memory-limit/
    b) A plugin error, which you can test by deactivating your other plugins.

    If you’d prefer, we’d be happy to log in and help you debug – feel free to send us temporary admin login details: https://generatepress.com/contact/


    Thanks – how do I send you temp login details? It would be amazing if we communicate using normal email.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    You can create a temporary admin account in your Dashboard, then email the details using the Account Issue form here: https://generatepress.com/contact/

    I’ll be happy to help out using email 🙂


    It’s interesting because I have had Elementor Pro right from the start. The point I was trying to make but could never get Leo to understand was that I could not get Elementor’s top menu bar or footer to be used in shop, posts or any of the categories or tags pages. The GP top menu and footer would always override. I said that I did not care which app drove the top menu bar and footer, as long as it was the same throughout the side. Unfortunately, either this point has never been fully understood or the answer was written in a way that I could take the information and do anything with it. All things considered, I would prefer Elementor to handle the top menu bar if possible but don’t think it can do the ‘items in cart’ bit. This leaves me a bit puzzled that two of the most highly rated apps (GP theme and Elementor) do not actually work well together, never mind what all of the reviews say (they all claim it can). If my problem is a simple one to solve then why is it almost a year and we are still going around in circles with it? Everytime I address the question with Leo, he referred to a link, the link never solved the problem. I am aware that other users had the same issue.

    Anyway, that was the previous issue which I do still want to solve.

    Regarding the latest one at the start of this thread, I increased the memory to 256MB a few weeks ago so it’s not that. What am I supposed to do if I find that one of my plugins that works fine with everything else is causing GP not to work? Who do I blame? Which app do I stop using?

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    The previous issue was an issue with Elementor not being able to edit anything other than static pages and posts. As of Elementor Pro 2.0, you can now build elements for other non-static pages as well, including the shop, categories etc..

    I’ll be happy to take a look at the second issue if you’d like. What you can do as well is check your error_log file, which is on your server (you can ask your hosting if you can’t find it). It will have specific errors which will tell us a lot more about what’s going on.

    If it’s a plugin issue, hopefully we’ll be able to find a quick fix. GP itself should work with any plugin that is well coded/supported.


    Thanks Tom. Whilst I’m glad that your last reply may finally solve the footer / top menu issue, it was very frustrating that despite my efforts to explain this to Leo in Sept / Nov 2017, around 3 times using different ways of wording the problem, he was never able to close it off using the explanation that you just gave but instead sent me (and at least one other user) on a tail chasing exercise. Are you able to take a look and see if I was not explaining it correctly or what was the problem? It was such a simple question.

    Your reply today was:

    “The previous issue was an issue with Elementor not being able to edit anything other than static pages and posts. As of Elementor Pro 2.0, you can now build elements for other non-static pages as well, including the shop, categories etc..”

    Instead, in Sept / Nov ’17 I got this…


    and this –


    Was referred to this –


    and also this –


    After around 2 months, I became too frustrated so gave up and just left my website looking a bit odd. Now, I still need to fix it.

    By the way, maybe this will help you – I am having the same conversation using email with Elementor support team using emails. If you offered the same method of communication, I could have cc’d you and this problem may ave been identified in just 2 or 3 emails in perhaps the same number of days. Instead, I still don’t have this problem solved after 6 months.

    Your team have always been very quick to reply so that’s good.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    I’m sorry that the experience was super frustrating for you. We do our best to help in every topic, but we’re not always perfect. A lot of the frustration seemed to be coming from limitations within Elementor itself, which they’ve just solved (2.0 only came out last week).

    We prefer the support forum method for support, as all of these questions can be very helpful to others as well. You can always request that I help you, and your topic will be assigned to me.

    You can also just email us if you don’t like the forum. We’re not picky.

    As for your current Customizer issue:

    Your Customizer has tons of javascript errors: https://www.screencast.com/t/uQknPrOaDx

    This can be caused by one little error in a plugin, and will compound as one javascript error leads to others. The best thing to do here is to deactivate your plugins one by one until the error is resolved. This will point us to the problem plugin.

    I would start by flushing your WP Rocket cache, then deactivate the plugin. Keep it deactivated during debugging, as the cache itself can cause issues.

    We should be able to pinpoint the issue this way.


    Hello Tom,

    Thanks for the reply.

    The GP functions came back when I deactivated this plugin:

    WP Media Category Management

    What next?


    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Alright, so that plugin must be causing a javascript error in the Customizer.

    I would say to report it to them, but it doesn’t seem to be under active development. Is there a specific feature you’re using it for? We may be able to find an alternative.


    Hello Tom,

    Thanks for looking at that for me. It’s probably one of the least important plugins. I don’t like the standard WP gallery as it’s rubbish for filtering and organising and I like to add or rearrange content on a regular basis. I used to use NextGen Gallery when I had divi and that caused a lot of other plugins / features (Yoast, GA, WP gallery list display) not to work. Divi was garbage on many fronts though. This is probably outside of what is regarded as GP support but what do you recommend?

    Cheers, Iain

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    NextGen is definitely pretty buggy. Have you looked into Envira Gallery? Might be worth checking out.

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