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[Support request] Combining logo nav bar and button and lose all header / title, other post stuff

Home Forums Support [Support request] Combining logo nav bar and button and lose all header / title, other post stuff

Home Forums Support Combining logo nav bar and button and lose all header / title, other post stuff

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    Hi Leo,

    I am using Elementor.
    I am using Generate Press.
    Paid for premium versions of both.
    I would like to have a top menu bar with all of the menu options to the right, logo on the left, all in the same div. I would also like there to be a button in the nav bar for taking users to a ‘quick 3d printing filament ordering page’.
    It’s not complicated but I’ve been through the links on this page and cannot even get close. Any chance of explaining it please?

    My site is and I don’t imagine that I will solve this tonight so you can pretty much assume that what’s there (created in Elementor and has to be added manually on every page) is what I would like to achieve as a page template via the theme.

    **Update – I did manage to create a top bar this evening that does what I want (logo + horiz menu) but I have 2 issues:

    1. I can’t seem to work out the relationship between elementor, the page templates and what GP is doing with the ‘header’ and primary nav. This means I am unable to get the full page elementor layout to work with the GP nav bar and for it all to line up properly as a full page div. Right now I have the elementor primary nav and the GP porimary nav separated by a header div that I can’t get rid of despite enabling ‘disable elements’. Does that make sense?

    I have left the page in the messed up state to show you

    It should look more slick in appearance like this link

    2. The text colour from the GP theme is overriding the custom CSS from when I try to place a yellow REORDER HERE button in the bar. color: yellow’ for the normal text in the button stay blue as per the global GP theme for text.

    GP Premium – 1.4.3 By Tom Usborne
    Name: GeneratePress Child
    Elementor – 1.7.12 By
    Elementor Pro – 1.9.5 By
    WP Version: 4.8.3

    Thanks, Iain

    Customer Support

    Hi Iain,

    1. From this link:, looks like you are using Elementor Canvas which strips all of GP’s element including header, footer etc. That means GP’s element shouldn’t show and basically has no control over anything.

    I can’t see this page: without a login and password.
    But if that’s also using Canvas then it’s likely an Elementor issue. If you want to link me to the actual page I can confirm it 🙂

    2. Have you solved this? I see the button as yellow and it’s taking style from Elementor. Again if you are using Canvas, GP’s setting shouldn’t matter.

    Let me know if this helps 🙂


    Hi Leo,

    Sorry, it was late, I missed the URL. It should be

    Yes Elementor Canvas is used because if I use the default, I end up with all kinds of headers and other formatting that make Elementor really difficult to go full page, up to the top etc. I want Elementor to control everything except for the top menu and the footer. Reason being that if I get Elemetnor to do it, I have to add it each time but also, when you visit the shop pages, the GP top bar comes through because Elementor doesn’t do shop pages so therefore it seems more consistent if I say just always use GP’s topbar and footer. These are 2 things that will never be omitted or be different anywhere on the site so not point in me adding it through the PB every time.

    On this page You’ll see that I nearly replicated the yellow button, but on hover, the text colours are coming through as blue even though I CSS’s them to be black or some other colour. The text colour is overriding what I am trying to make it.

    Cheers for looking. This must be an easy thing to fix.


    Customer Support

    As far as I understand, if Canvas is activated, then GP’s elements would be stripped. I believe that’s the whole point of Canvas (never used it myself).

    Most users are using Elementor just for the content sections so that should still be the way to go if you want to use GP’s header and footer.

    If it’s width that you are struggling with, this should help:

    Are you referring to the second menu? If so it’s getting the blue hover color from Elementor as I mentioned before:


    Hi Leo,

    Thanks. No I am talking about the first menu.

    I’ll try to explain it a different way. Let’s completely start again..

    Elementor Pro
    Generate Press Pro

    How do I get all of the pages to be built by Elementor, full with, no gaps etc from the GP before / after the nav bar (sound a lot like Canvas isn’t it?) BUT….I want GP’s top nav menu bar and GP’s footer. For every page, including posts, shop, everything. Just to be clear, I don’t want to have to add the top nav bar or footer everytime I start a new page / post / shop.

    Forget about the yellow button, that is probably overcomplicating the question. That can be dealt with later on.

    Does this make sense now?

    Thanks, Iain

    Customer Support

    If you want the content to be full width in every page, try this CSS:

    .site.grid-container {
        max-width: 100%;

    Adding CSS:

    If not then you can use the page builder container on the pages you want to be full width:


    Thanks Leo. I wanted to minimsie the amount of CSS though.

    How about we look at it from a different perspective – My problem may be solved if I can find a way of getting the Elementor top nav bar and footer to always be present in every page, post, product, categories, tags etc. I’ll just use the Elementor canvas in this case. How do you stop GP taking over the formatting for post, product, categories, tags and so on?

    Customer Support

    Then you can use the page builder container I guess. 3 lines of CSS isn’t much 🙂

    If you are using Canvas, GP shouldn’t take over anything?

    I thought Canvas takes full control anyways, or maybe Canvas only works on static pages and posts and products pages?

    Might be best to check Elementor first.

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