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    1. I have a weird issue that when the WP-Show posts plugin is activated, I cannot add a new post or page (nor access Element pages). What happens is, that I get redirected to the latest post, which had already been published. I’ve deactivated all plugins, cleared cache and the problem doesn’t occur, when WP-Show posts is inactive.
    Please help!

    2. When I activated/deactivated all plugins, for some reason, which I can’t explain, the navigation isn’t full-width anymore. I can’t get it to work again. Any Ideas?

    This is my site:

    Thanks for your help!

    Customer Support

    Hi Paul,

    1. If you disable all plugins except for WPSP and other GP products, does the issue still exist?

    Can you also try temporarily disabling/removing custom functions you have? It would be good to take a backup before doing these.

    2. With regards to this, it seems that you have a 30px padding set for your body in your Child theme stylesheet. Did you have this previously? Removing it seems to make the nav bar stretch to full width.

    Kindly let us know. πŸ™‚


    Hi Fernando!
    Thanks for your tips!

    1. I cannot try this at the moment because the site is live and I have to wait for the night, but I’m quite sure the problem is with WP-Show Posts because WP always redirects me to posts which are also accessed by WP Show Posts.
    I did deactivate some custom functions but that didn’t change anything.

    2. Thanks! I’ll check on that! πŸ™‚

    Best, Paul

    PS. I also regenerated all permalinks, but that didn’t help either…

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    are you using any custom functions or hooks that are related to WPSP ?


    Hi David!
    In fact, I did have the WPSP-Open-Wrapper-Hook – and respectively the closing hook – published.
    Because I made changes, I don’t need them anyway and I changed them to draft mode.
    However, this had no effect. I just noticed that I also can’t change existing posts, since I’m always redirected to the same existing post.I don’t use custom functions related to WPSP.


    Hi David!
    I now deactivated all other plugins except GP and WPSP. Having done that, there’s no issue. Seems to be a conflict with another plugin…

    Customer Support

    Let us know what you find.
    And just in case you weren’t aware. GenerateBlocks 1.5 which will be absorbing WP Show Posts is in Alpha release:



    It’s weird. I’ve done quite some testing and things work smoothly when I either deactivate WPSP oder WooCommerce. If I have WooCommerce activated and deactivate WPSP, it works fine. Also the other way round: WPSP on, Woo off is also working. However, both plugins are crucial for my site.

    I also deactivated all Woo related custom functions and also Woo related extra plugins. But it didn’t help, sadly.

    Sonmebody else seemed to have a similar problem: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/woo-commerce-is-making-new-post-and-edit-post-glitch-out/

    Yeah, I’m quite excited about this release! πŸ™‚

    Customer Support

    How odd – WP Show Posts doesn’t really do much, its code base is tiny and its all shortcodes that don’t do anything on the back end so i can’t see why it + Woo would have a problem.

    If you want to provide us a temporary admin access we can login and take a look ?


    Exactly! It’s really odd.
    Yeah, I’d be very happy if you could help!

    I just logged in with a different account via the incognito browser from Chrome. Creating pages seems to work there. It’s strange, because I cleared all caches…


    Just another note: The problem in fact seems to be user-related. Don’t know what might be causing this issue.

    Customer Support

    Ok… so it took quite a long time for me to log in to the site.
    There is LOT going on πŸ™‚

    So as an aside I went to Tools > Site Health.
    I noticed it took some time for the: Directories and Sizes to update. Total site size is 11gb – which is big.
    Secondly i checked the Server settings. Considering the size of the site and the plugins you’re running you may want to consider increasing them.

    These are the settings i have as my base:

    PHP max input variables	4000
    PHP time limit	1200
    PHP memory limit	768M
    Max input time	600
    Upload max filesize	300M
    PHP post max size	300M

    And i generally increase them with an Ecomm site.

    You may want to review those, it may not be related to this problem but the server could do with a boost.

    If the issue seems to be user related, then it could be a Cookie / LocalStorage in the browser, try a different browser and even network if possible just to eliminate any caching issues.


    Hi David,
    thanks for checking on these infos. Oh wow, I’m a bit surprised myself by the 11 GB ^^. Yeah, I’ll get an upgrade! I am already on the max-specs of my running contract, but I will check for a better offer.

    Concerning the user related problems, I logged in with a different browser via a different network, but that didn’t help.

    Customer Support

    Hi Paul,

    Is it possible to share your login detail with us so we can log in and check if this happens on our end as well?

    Let me know πŸ™‚

    Customer Support

    As a side note – when i logged i – i could edit posts and elements etc. without issue.

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