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    Hi there
    I’m stymied by something on a staging site I’m working on.
    1) I want a wide image to appear below the logo/site name etc and main navigation in what I think of as the GP hero/header area
    2) I create a page hero element and tell it to apply to all pages and to take the featured image for that page and put it in the header, and also add a fall back image to the element in case I forget to add a featured image.
    3) however for posts I don’t want to have a featured image in the as that is the wrong shape (and looks weird when I pull the posts into a Gutenberg block (either native or something like atomic blocks) to ‘show posts of x category in this block’. So I decide that I’m going to use the custom image option rather than the featured image option in the page hero element and for each category of posts pick a relevant image to display in the header/hero area of each individual post with in that category.
    4) For reasons I can quite work out it won’t display an image in the hero/header at all unless there is a featured image for that particular post.
    5) aaargh! what am I doing wrong?
    6) I’ve been into the customiser and switched on/off the featured image option and again, when I switch off the featured image there in the hope of showing the fall back instead but I either get the featured image or nothing.

    I am on Covid19 lockdown with two children so that may be affecting my thinking.

    Thank you as always for your great support.


    I have also spent a good while reading the documentation and I’m clearly missing a crucial point…

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    Are you wanting the featured image to be full width?

    Let me know πŸ™‚


    I want the banner images to be how the one on the front page of the site at the moment is (the ‘open’ image). Ideally I want each page and post to have one of those ‘banner’ images under the main menu. I’d be intending to set the banner image via an element for each page or each category of posts – putting it in as a fallback image for that specific page or that category of posts.

    But when I pull posts through into a post grid block (eg atomic) on a page I want that page to have a banner image at the top but beneath that in the content area where the post grid block is I want to pull through posts – so: title, featured image from the post, excerpt text, ‘continue reading’ button as per atomic posts grid block – and I would prefer it if that featured image were a different shape from the banner image. More square, less rectangular.

    I want each post to have a featured image, but I don’t want that featured image to be the banner image.

    At the moment you can’t see any posts on the site but I can send a link over to one if you want.

    I’m repeating myself I know but hoping this is clear.

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    ok so just looking at Posts for now.

    The Post Grid you need each post to display their own unique featured images.

    The Single Post a different wider banner image will be displayed above the content ideally using a header element. This image could be category specific – so multiple posts share the same image.

    Is that correct ?


    Yes, I think that’s what I mean! πŸ™‚


    I don’t plan to use category archive pages to display posts.

    Customer Support

    OK so your single Post could display a Banner Image that is relevant to the Category eg. North African by:

    1. Create a new Header Element.
    2. Background Image set to Custom Image and select a category specific image.
    3. In Display Rules – select Post Category –> Category
    4. Optional – Check or Uncheck Disable Featured Image

    Then the indidividual posts featured image eg. Bedouin ( this was on my to go list before the world went crazy πŸ™ ) will be displayed in the Post Grid Block.

    On Single Post you will have the Category selected image and depending on #4 you can also display the Featured Image in the Content … or not.

    The only negative is its all manual and requires a separate header element for each category….


    that’s what I thought I was doing already. I’m going to go through what I’ve done carefully and double check all the details again.


    Is it possible I’ve got some setting ticked/unticked in the customiser that’s over-riding the instructions from the element?

    Customer Support

    Does the Header Element contain any content ?
    It needs some HTML in there for it to display, at the very least a HTML comment e.g

    <!-- Hero Banner -->

    the only other reasons for it not to display is a Conflict with another header element that shares the same display rules or there is function/plugin conflict.


    Okay – I’ve now added some commented out content into the header as per above. Thanks for that.

    I’ve also checked – I have two elements set up – one set to display on all pages and one set to display on all posts, both with a custom fallback image. (Ideally I’d like to get the one that’s designed to display on pages to show a featured image where I specify one on the page itself, with the fallback if I forget, but for now I’ve just set it up to show the fallback either way.)

    I’ve got the header as being ‘contained’. I’ve tried the element where the display rules are set to show it on ‘pages’ with the featured image in the element settings both on and off and it makes no difference.

    On pages where I have no featured image the fallback image still doesn’t appear – nothing does. On pages where I have a featured image that will appear in the header slot.

    I have WSform Pro Post Management plugin on there but I was getting this sort of thing/confusion happening with the header/hero image before I added that so I think it’s probably something I’m doing wrong.


    I mean I set the image in the element to ‘custom image’ not ‘fallback’ in this instance – I will want one for pages that uses featured images but with a fallback specified eventually. If I can crack this!

    Customer Support

    would you like to send over temporary admin access so i can see what the issue is?
    You can do so using the Account Issue form here:

    Please add the URL of this topic so we can track


    Coming over to you any second. Thanks so much.

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