[Resolved] Align items in navigation bar and change the pre-set menu.

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    Hello Dear,

    – I would like to change the pre-set menu items (Contact – Login | Register), as showing in the following image it is aligned to the right, I would like to change it with another item. Where I can do that?

    – I use the following code to align the WPML widget items while sticky nav transform: translateY(15%); while i am at the top page the items are margin to down but when i croll down it looks great, without the code the opposite is happening.

    – Also, the items in English is set to the right which is good but in RTL language it remains the same (on the right) due to this code float: right; without this code the navigation will have another row and the items of the widget will be at the top row. (image below)

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    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    1. Those menu items are items in your main navigation. You can edit them in “Appearance > Menus”.

    2 + 3. It’s hard to control the positioning here using floats. Have you tried out 3.0-beta version? The flexbox feature should make it much easier to control the navigation layout: https://generatepress.com/generatepress-3-0-a-new-era/

    Let me know if you’d like to try it and I can provide the necessary code 🙂


    Hello Tom,

    the 2 items that I mentioned are stocked to the right side so I would use the same side but with different items.

    I will try the beta version, but what about the CSS and snippit the I have been added to the function.php? should I added it again after the upgrading?

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    What’s the CSS and snippet? It may be necessary but depends on what they do, exactly.


    Hello Tom, yes it’s necessary but I done with it. I update the theme to the latest beta version.

    So, what should I use now to fix the posintioning issue that I used floats to arrange it?
    be note that the menu in rtl is positioning to the left now, even the sub menu.

    One more new issue after update, the dropdown menu of currency sweitcher is hidden behind the image slider (I am using Elementor)

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    There seem to be a ton of items in your navigation now?

    The dropdown issue can be fixed like this:

    .wpml-switcher {
        z-index: 999;

    Best thing to do now is to take a look at the “Flexbox” option in Customize > General under “Structure”. That’s what will give us more flexibility over your main navigation.


    Hi Tom

    It is done by mistake, I delete one of the top menu but now I reduce the number of items again. Also, I am trying to use a dropdown menu instead of “Login | Register” which is positioning to the the right side of the cart icon which it will contain (Register, Login/Logout, Profile) but when i try to add any item and arrange it to the same positioning of “Contact” or “Login | Register” it is directly re arrange to it is normal position of menu. That is why i am asking is the any function that is applied on this two item to make it positioned to the right side.

    Any way, the dropdown issue is fixed using the code you shared already. related the float issue this is what i did:
    – Enable Flexbox
    – Edit the wpml widget code and this is the remaining code:

    /* WPML Switcher */
    .wpml-switcher  {
    	z-index: 999;
    	margin-top: 2px;
    	margin-right: 20px;
    	display: flex;
      	align-items: center;

    Here is how the navigation looks like after saving:


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    Lead Developer

    Looking better! So how are you wanting them organized now, exactly?

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