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    Was generatePress designed for mobile first?
    In the assets / css folder there are several style sheets.
    Which ones are used if we use the ‘modern’ version with flexbox and no longer the float version?
    In the settings of generateblocks we have the option to choose to save the css in an external sheet. Where can we find this sheet?

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    Hi there,

    GP is built for Mobile Responsiveness. Our code is so lightweight there would be no benefit in restructuring the CSS to load Mobile First.

    This article explains the changes 3.0 brings:


    Scroll down to the part titled Flexbox Grid.
    You will see that only 1 stylesheet is added by default ie. main.css
    Other CSS styles sheets are for components that are conditiionally loaded – if you don’t use a component such as comments or top bar then the CSS for it is not loaded.
    The rest of the CSS is dynamic inline or saved to external file – this covers the changes made in the Customizer.

    GenerateBlocks external file is also dynamically generated. It is not something to be altered, GB only generates the CSS required for the blocks you have on that page.


    Thanks for all the clarifications.
    I got back to wordpress three months ago and I was developing with CSS Grid Layout and external stylesheets where all the customization was done and almost nothing on the html.
    So new habits can be acquired.
    And for the future, I am the future of Gutenberb Full Site Editing.

    Customer Support
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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