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    I saw a 400 error message while installing the theme.
    I read various materials.
    I made some attempts related to plug-in, site cache, browser cache.
    But the result wasn’t good, and I completely initialized my site.
    And except for the plug-in that is installed by default, only GP is installed.
    I proceeded again with the Niche theme download on Site Library.
    It is still the same as before the initialization.
    400 error problem occurs in step 2.

    The way I haven’t tried is to clear the server cache.
    I don’t know how to erase the server cache.

    Save me, I’m at my limit now.

    Customer Support

    Is there a way to check if I’m using EasyEngine?
    I find it difficult to deal with this kind of problem.
    Besides, it is hard to understand English.
    I’m using the WP business plan, and everything is up to date because it’s been about 2 months since I signed up.


    I have linguistic limitations in recognizing it, and at a level I can understand, I can’t get any information.
    So I asked WP for a consultation and received the following reply.

    “I’m not familiar with the term “Easy Engine” that isn’t something we use to describe our servers.

    You might need to reach out to the creators of GeneratePress again, you could even give them this guide: https://wordpress.com/support/php-environment/

    That shows the specifications for our hosting environment, and ask them if they have a way to activate/install their premium version within that.”


    My site is initialized, and there is no special security.
    So it doesn’t matter if you log in for me on my site.
    I just want you to look at my site.
    I did everything I could to the best of my ability.

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    Hi there,

    The 400 error is caused by caching. This can be a caching plugin or caching directly on your server. If there is no caching plugin, you can ask your hosting if there is any form of server caching on your server.

    If there is, you’ll want them to deactivate it until you’ve finished using the importer – then it can be re-activated.


    through WP, I reset my site, erased the server cache, and I erased the browser cache.
    Then I tried to bring the theme, with the plug-in deativated.
    The same 400 error message is visible.

    And I asked WP about making the server cache temporarily deactivated, and WP told that this was impossible.

    Is there any other way I can try now?
    There are two days left until the site opens.
    If this problem is not solved, I think I’ll have to find another alternative instead of GP.

    This is the WP’s answer. Please refer to it.

    “you reported about getting the GeneratePress theme you are using to work because of the server cache, is that correct?

    Generally, themes should not be affected by caching, unless there is some custom feature of the theme that conflicts with caching.

    In that case, you can reach to creators of GeneratePress theme at https://generatepress.com/contact/ or at https://generatepress.com/support/ and report the issue to them — you can let them know that you are using a managed hosting service from WordPress.com and therefore cannot disable server cache and ask them for alterntiaves.

    Is it not possible to disable the site’s cache entirely, indeed. I’d recommend to ask the theme developers for alternatives”

    Lead Developer
    Lead Developer

    If it’s not possible to deactivate the server cache temporarily (that would be strange), your only option is to import the Site Library site on a temp server with no server cache (localhost, for example), and then migrate the site to your live server using a plugin like Duplicator (or any other site migration plugin).

    The Site Library itself will fail if server caching is in place due to security practices we use within the code to verify the capabilities of the user importing the sites. This isn’t something we can loosen up on.

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