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[Resolved] YouTube Videos in Off Canvas Panel

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    Hello GeneratePress, Happy Hoilidays,

    I would like to bring something to your attention in regards to the Off Canvas Panel. When I posted a YouTube video by adding the widget and posting the video URL. The video will display just fine, however when I did a performance check of my site using this web site GTmetrix My rating on the page speed went from A to B and on the YSlow, my rating went from A to C. At first I could not figure out what was causing the issue, but after removing that YouTube video from the Off Canvas Panel and did a Re-test of my site, my ratings went back to A on both the Page Speed and Yslow. Please see screen shots on performance check results. I tried another YouTube video, but the results were the same. It seems that the Off Canvas Panel does not like YouTube videos lol So no big issue here, but just wanted to make you aware of it. I think it’s pretty cool to add the widgets to that slide out panel πŸ™‚




    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    not sure if that is related to the Off Canvas or not – does the issue occur if you add your YT videos in other widget areas?


    Hi David,

    After I made this post, I did tried and post Video in the regular sidebars and did another re-test and my results were fine. It only happens when I post it in the Off Canvas.


    Hello again GeneratePress,

    I just made a screen recording to show what is going on and I posted it on my blog. If you click on blog in the menu you will see the video. I’m no tech person at all, so I don’t know what is causing the issue.


    Customer Support

    Thanks for taking the time to create and share the video – the one thing i noticed is when the video is only in the sidebar you don’t have the poor GT Metrix grade on Defer parsing of JavaScript – what plugin are you using to Defer the JS ?

    Really appreciate the input


    No problem,

    I’m sorry, I don’t what plugin I’m using that would Defer the JS? These are the plugins that I have? I recently install the Lite Speed plugin and added my site to CloudFlare. I’m just learning how to work with all of this. My hosting provider was helping out a little bit. I know how to do installations of the WordPress blog and Forums and working with cPanel. I even play around and work with CSS a little bit to change things. No knowledge of anything else really. I’m just a simple person who likes to work with graphics and post YouTube videos. I know JS is Java Script I think? But don’t know nothing about it. I’m 60 years old and got into computers late in life. But I’m constantly learning new things and have come a long way πŸ™‚


    Customer Support

    I would assume its the litespeed cache that is deferring the JS (Javascript).
    I created a test site to replicate the issue.
    With the video in the sidebar or in the off canvas … either option suffers a bit from the JS Requests. What i cannot fathom out is is why the JS can be deferred when the widget is in view but not when its in the off-canvas.

    Puzzling one – thanks for pointing it out, we’ll take a look to see if there is anything we can do to make the off canvas panel more effecient.


    Hello David,

    I understand, but I forgot to mention something with another issue I was having with my YouTube videos. I was also having trouble posting my YouTube videos into my blog posts. I would put the direct URL’s into the the WordPress editor (Gutenberg) and my music videos would not embed. I got a message that the video could not be embed. It would work sometimes and other times not. The URL’s of my videos were correct. I have done this many times in the past. Right now, everything is okay with it thus far. I put in a support ticket into my hosting provider, but every time they tried to post the videos it would work. I even switch over to the default theme of WordPress and it did not work. They really could not help me unless they could replicate the issue. One support tech mention something about my cache plugin might be causing the issue. They inform me to purge the cache before posting the videos. But I already did this thinking it might be the issue. I was purging to many times. I even deleted the plugins and removed my site from CloudFlare, but that did not work either. This is the first time that I had this issue. Posting YouTube videos have always work in WordPress. I know it might be a little thing to others, but posting YouTube videos into my blog, forums and websites is important to me. If I can’t do this, then there would no WordPress blog, forums, and websites. Also there would be no hosting provider. That how important it is to me.

    I put a request to cancel my GeneratePress Premium through my account area here. I went back to using the default theme of WordPress. This issue with my YouTube videos just started after I purchased the Premium version, not saying your theme is causing the issue, because removing my LiteSpeed plugin and removing my site from CloudFlare did not fix anything either. I don’t know what was causing the issue at all. Like I said, it would work at times and other times not. I even was posting my past TV shows from YouTube. I would make a list of the YouTube video URL’s and start to post them in my blog posts, I would be good for a little while, but then it stop and I got the message that the YouTube video URL’s could not be embed. I would come back to after a long wait and it would work again. This happen off and on. So I don’t have the patience with it anymore. I will just leave my blog the way it is now and see if I run into the issue again.


    Sorry, I meant to attached screen shot.
    embed not working

    Customer Support

    I believe your refund has been processed.

    Thanks for trying GP!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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