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    I’d be greatful if you could take a look at my web.dev report: https://lighthouse-dot-webdotdevsite.appspot.com//lh/html?url=http://deichmannskennel.com

    Performance rates the worst, and the TTFB and “eliminate render-blocking resources” are the red-flagged categories. There are some yellow-flagged ones as well as you can see.

    I’ve been able to understand that TTFB is a host-problem, and I assume that they’re the ones to confront on that issue. But the other red-flagged category is quite confusing for me — I don’t really understand what I could do to improve, but maybe you have an idea.

    It should be said that these test-results are made with the Autoptimize plug-in activated. Without it the results are worse.

    Also, is not having HTTPS an issue for somebody small like me?

    Kind Regards,

    Customer Support

    Hi there,

    i ran a GT Metrix report off a London Server and the results are pretty good:


    So the main issue is host related – the TTFB is incredibly slow and so is the waiting time for other resources to load. If your host can address the speed issue then the second ( Eliminate Render Blocking resources ) warning should also pass.

    HTTPS is becoming a critical requirement with Google / Chrome now labelling non-HTTPS sites as being ‘not secure’ which will impact site ranking over time.


    Thank you for the reply. Are there any crucial things to ask hosting services that’ll give insight as to whether they’re good or not?

    Customer Support

    Maybe this site will be of help:


    It provides a lot of stats on different hosts including domains gained and lost – which is a good indicator as to whether a host is performing or under-performing.

    I assume your site has a local (country) audience – so worth googling a few local hosts and see how they rack up.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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