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    Hello Team –

    “Something” was breaking the look of my site. The info was there but the formatting was wrong. Through the process of deactivating plugins, I narrowed it down to the WP Show Posts and WP Show Posts Pro. I have some screenshots below showing the difference between when it is activated and deactivated.
    A few other pieces of info to go with this:
    1. I use Website Auditor to monitor my site. Yesterday, I started getting lots of 500 Internal Server errors. When I deactivate the plugin (regular and Pro) those errors go away.
    2. ONE page on my site looks correct whether or not the plugins are activated or deactivated ?!? the link is in the Website URL field.
    This just started yesterday. No major changes made yesterday. I did update my plugins last weekend. I added Content Egg to my site too.
    My home page is designed around the WP Show Posts plugin so I am hoping you can help me identify the conflict.
    I have reactivated the plugins for you to take a look.

    GeneratePress 2.2.2
    GP Premium 1.7.7
    Customer Support

    Hi Scott,

    Since WP Show Posts is a separate plugin, can you redirect this support topic to its own support forum?

    If you are using the Pro version, this is the best place to go:



    I tried that but I cannot find anywhere to create an account. I received my PRO license through a developer who redesigned my site…

    Customer Support

    The account should’ve been created at the time of purchasing.

    You can send us an e-mail here and Tom will help you to get sorted:


    Ok… email sent

    Customer Support
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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